HMT Movie Club: Evil Dead (2013)

If you don’t already know, Evil Dead is a remake of The Evil Dead.

One thought comes to mind when we hear of remakes, and most of the times, it is always worse than the first.

This remake, I feel, is NECESSARY, and you will be pleased to hear that this is BETTER than the original. Trust me on this. Trust us on demonic gory horror films.

I watched Iron Man 3 in the same week after this, and if you had to choose one, then watch this in the cinema.

Evil Dead (2013)

HMT Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5 Stars


Rating: R21 | Consumer Advice: VIOLENCE AND GORE 血腥及暴力画面 | Running Time: 91 minutes | Chinese Title: 邪恶重生


I have been a fan of the original The Evil Dead (1981) and I was amused to note that the horror scenes for this old film were made with Stop Motion. I guess I should not be a bitch since it’s the early 80s. It’s impressive how they worked around the limitations of their time. I bet I would be scared if I was born at all at that time.

After watching the original film, I realised that this new one is more of a reboot than a remake as it has completely new and more characters, being way more intense than the original, catering to the new school horror fans who would expect more. This is the first of the franchise that is not directed by Sam Raimi. This is a feature film of Fede Alvarez.

Personally, horror films are like my porn. I love grotesque erotica, horror films and I am a fan of Thai-Occult horror as they are always so unexpected, probably because Thai Occultism just knows no boundaries.

I can tell you that this new reboot of Evil Dead, is better than all the preceding horror films I have seen, including the Jap, Korean, Thai ones all put together.

But I need to clarify that this is a general feeling, and not on the critical aspects.


Here are the critical aspects: 

Due to this age of pro-feminism era, this new reboot is made with less of the tree-rape scene, it is a suggested rape as we don’t really see it, and no nudity from the new girl, and less porno-angles, if you get what I mean.

I must confess that I knew about this 1981 original from the infamous Tree-Rape Scene. Yep there is a scene which the main girl is raped by trees.
(NSFW: partial nudity)

Many of this film’s interviews claim that this new main character Mia, is a stronger character, with more fight, and …other spoiler points. Well I guess she is stronger than the old sexploited 1981 version and she looks…less sexual. Still there is rape. But I do feel that the rape scene is very essential to make us all uncomfortable. Haha an awkward truth is that the old tree-rape scene is sort of a turn-on.

I don’t get why everyone is saying that it is disturbing and disrespectful and what nots. The truth is, who knows how fucked demonic possessions can get? The few of us who like reading about the occult will know many rituals ends with some sort of consummation of a sex, be it rape or willing self-submission.

There is also no nudity in this new remake because of the above political issue, but they fail to understand that some people love grotesque erotica. It’s just a strange region of kink haha.

There is your good old slasher, chainsaw and grotesque pretty girls with self-harm, self-amputation action, lots of broken limbs and blood every-fucking-where, unrealistic blood spurts that gush out (it should be pulsating spurts). BUT, I will have to applaud the good costume and graphics of the new possessed main character as normally these ‘scares’ are just short and fleeting, but this time, the possessed girl stays onscreen for a good time too clearly and even have a ‘conversation’ with her victims, which is really gross and yet slightly comedic.

I guess it helped that with modern technology and our films in HD. It is as though forcing us to face our fears and it was fully head on. The details of her eyes and filthy black possession is too damn close. These scenes left imprints in my mind even until now. My big sis is still not wiling to discuss this film haha!

However, this new Evil Dead (2013) does rely on the scares and jumps more than a good atmosphere and a good development to the scare scenes. The gore is really too much, and some may argue it is a little annoying, but I love it OVERDONE. This is just a never ending gore-fest.

Sadly this 2013 film is a little too refined and it has lost the DIY and cult feeling of the original. The cinematography is like an improved version of the old film, but mostly simliar. The background plot is true to the original, but with an added back story that the main girl is trying to quit her drug abuse. This cancels out the question of “Why don’t they get the fuck out of here?” But at the same time a little bit cliched with 5 friends in an old as shit rotting wood cabin in the forests like good old black metal album photo shoots, and of course, an evil book which has LEAVE THIS BOOK ALONE and other warning signs all over. We all know that will be an excellent deterrent for idiotic young adults. /sarcasm 

I was skeptical when I read the marketing slogan of “The most terrifying film you will every experience” but I am really surprised that it is pretty close.

I felt the entire theatre jump, flinch, and scream together. The whole sequence is not always predictable, but you can only predict the shock, but not predict what kind of scare details you are in for.

What I really love about this horror flick is that it is not completely just a series of cheap thrills, unlike the ones in recent years. It has a coherent storyline and backstory which makes it believable and more probable than the original. It is also laced with some light and awkward comedy which is so uncomfortable it is good. It is as though we’re on roller coasters and we’re all sluts for scares, so good that we’re feeling great but fucked at the same time.

It is great there is no typical hero of the story and the ending is properly addressed and it does not leave an unsatisfactory note for the audience. The scenes are just so fantastically gory and if literal gore and demons can’t scare you, then you might be thrilled to hear that you can see and hear things more annoying than fingernails through a black board.

In conclusion, it is the most terrifying film I have ever seen so far, and I am totally still hanging on to a horror film hard on. It is so sick that it is so good and I feel totally fucked enjoying this too much amidst a sea of terrified audience that even wanted to leave but didn’t go in the end. Oh my god it is really porn for the enthusiasts of this genre. It is somewhat like the gore in Saw but it is better, but like I said, it is not very creative.

This is a very justified reboot / remake and will be liked by many of our generation.

Shame that there isn’t any metal soundtrack for this befitting film, it would be befitting that ‘Raining Blood’ is used.

Watch the 1981 original The Evil Dead first, then watch this with many people or a theatre of full audience because their fear is our pleasure 😉

Oh, and do stay for a really short post-credits, and I don’t think our theatres cut any scenes.

 The Evil Dead opens in cinemas on 9th May 2013.


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