HMT Movie Club: Hangover Part III

Hangover Part 3Of all the recent drunken comedies, I have liked the Hangover series the most, with the first 2 instalments of the trilogy being some of the funniest and most hilarious no-brainer movies, yet having their touching moments as well. So when Hangover Part III came out, I quickly grabbed the chance to catch the movie, hoping to relive some of the funny times that were on the first 2 movies.

Perhaps my expectations were too high for the movie, because for the most part of the movie, things weren’t as funny as I seemed to recall. Stupid jokes made by Alan were aplenty, and while it may have been the entire point to make his character childish and stupid as hell, it got to a point where his character seemed overly obnoxious and not funny at all, and there were moments where he got on my nerves with his rather annoying sense of humour. And for some reason as well, Chow, one of the main things that made the first 2 movies funny was rather lacklustre this time round, with his sense of humour sinking down to Alan’s level as well.

One other main gripe is that the build up for the movie was so slow, that it bordered on being boring at times, and it felt almost like torture waiting for the movie to hit its climax (which was never really hit). Furthermore, any attempts at trying to rouse that warm, fuzzy feeling with touching moments were done rather poorly, and it felt as though this, like Iron Man 3, were just done for the sake of milking the franchise.

The only two truly noteworthy moments were when Black Sabbath’s N.I.B. was played almost in full, and the post-credits. And that should be sufficient to show how bad I thought this movie was. Oh and what kind of Hangover movie is it when none of the main characters even touched alcohol this time round?


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