HMT Movie Club: Men In Black 3

I recall when Men In Black first came out in 1997, I didn’t get to watch it in the theatres as I wasn’t that privileged.Then I got to watch it on some pirated VCD some friend lent my sis. My first impressions was that it was fucking hilarious, and that the aliens were too cute. Totally want to buy that neuralyzer. Could use it to erase my embarrassing childhood accidents.

Then came Men In Black 2. Sequels of the past were for all deserving movies, and like any great one which made our youth-hood bearable, here comes the long-awaited Men In Black 3.

The first 2 Men In Black were all light hearted and crazily funny. Then, Will Smith’s character ‘J’ was still a rookie. In this third installment, what we get to learn at the end of the movie, gives us a complete closure for the series. I hope there’s a four, but I can die without one because all questions were answered. 
There is a story behind why K recruited J, the ‘something-going-ons’ between K and O, why K is always so damn serious, the origins and operations of the MIB, old alien feuds. Mainly, it is about J going back in time to save K, and through this journey, learns so much about his partner’s past. 
K imprisoned this one alien guy called Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) and put up the whole barrier thing to prevent earth from being invaded by Boris’ kind. Boris escapes prison, travels back in time to kill K. He succeeds, and the next day, and in the whole universe, only J remembers K. We ask why, and this one guy selling time-traveling illegally reveals that it was because J was there, which initally makes completely no sense, but at the end of the film, you will understand. Just remember this 😉 
J going back in the 60s, the hippie era which the blacks still didn’t have much rights, and it was funny how ridiculous the racial discrimination was in the past. Ok, not funny, but funny because J managed it humorously. 
I feel that J is significantly more mature, albeit still manhandled by his partner K in present time. He is now a Class A agent, yet the entire senior committee still treats him like a kid, like O. J talks in a less ‘ghetto’ manner now, less ridiculous acts and replaced by deep thinking and understanding, but didn’t lose his humour and charm. We know that this film will be more deep and dark than the first 2 by the second  scene, which shows all agents of MIB, mourning for agent Z’s demise. Film starts with the serious cleavage of Nicole Sherzinger and some really disgusting alien tongue action. 
Significantly, the alien attacks are now more brutal, I guess because the modern audience can take a lot more brutality and bloodspill. 
Men In Black 3 makes me tear more than Harry Potter 7.2. It is obvious that K is like J’s father, and he is going back in time just to save him. It reveals how much love they have for each other, and they become closer than ever after the whole ordeal. 
Just in case you were wondering, the younger K is not Tommy Lee Jones in thick make-up. It is performed by a new cast Josh Brolin, who uncannily looks a lot like a younger Tommy Lee Jones. Funny mentions are the humongous sized ‘jet-packs’, super huge ‘communicator’ and the old wired neuralyzer. There were these Tron Lightcycles-like motor vehicles too. 
Sy-Fy movies should really go with a high budget or not at all. Like Will Smith said, MIB is a Sy-Fy-Action-Comedy. 
In terms of the general feeling, I think this is better than Harry Potter 7.2, slightly better than Dark Shadows, but one star lesser than The Avengers. Definitely worth a SECOND watch in the theatres. Yes, buy the 3D seats please, makes a whole load of difference.
Remember to play the “I SPOT LADY GAGA” game while watching MIB 3, opens this 24th May 2012*P.s: Don’t stay for post-credits, there is none. 

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