HMT Movie Club: Underworld Awakening 3D

Fans of the Underworld Series rejoice! Time for the Underworld to purge Twilights of its crappiness. Our tight-patent-leather-suited forever-young Selena (played by Kate Beckinsale) is back to kick some ass!

[Opens 2nd Feb 2012]
Before I go on, I’d like to advise you to catch up on all the other 3 Underworld movies because you WILL get lost if you step into the theatres like a noob.

Underworld: Awakening is the 4th film of the Underworld franchise, and the story takes place 6 months after the end of the events in Undeworld: Evolution (2nd film), and Selene is captured by a human based crusade called ‘The Purge’who seek to eradicate all traces of vampires and lycans, calling them ‘The Infected’.
After 12 years, almost all of the both populations of vampires and lycans are gone, and they have been reduced to gutter-dwelling scavengers, nothing but empty shells of their previous splendor and magnificence.

The remainders of the vampire drainage coven.

Selene, being the super/immortal vampire that she is, is preserved in some icy coffin scientifically called ‘cryogenic suspension’ and somehow been freed of that ice block, and escaped her captor, an organisation called ‘Antigen’.
Our heroine began ‘hallucinating’, more like having visions, which she assumed was her lost soul-mate Michel Corvin (that lycan-vampire hybrid that they created in Underworld: Evolution) . Apparently, she was wrong when at the end of her tracking is merely a sweet-faced little girl.

Her name is ‘Subject 2’, aka ‘Eve’.
Eventually we realise that Eve is Selene’s teenage kid which she probably conceived while encased in the block of ice (remember the steamy fuck-scene in the 2nd movie?). This makes her a superior hybrid, ya noe, because of Selene’s immortal status and Micheal Corvin being a hybrid himself.
Poor Eve was known only as ‘Subject 2″ (while Selene being ‘Subject 1’), and was treated by everyone as a specimen and nothing else (except for one nice scientist lady, of course).
Excuse me for being rude, this pretty actress’ name is India Eisley.

This character is Heavy Metal Tribune’s favourite because normally, she looks like an angel, but when she is enraged/hybrid-mode, she looks like your wet dream.

She’s like in corpse paint.
Anyway, obviously, Selene is trying to search for her soulmate, and then she has to fight some lycans along the way, which behaves like rats from the gutters, and in the meantime, some other lycans are making themselves invincible…
You’d be like “How did these motherfuckers get so big?”
Well I cannot tell you how because I don’t want to spoil the story, but honestly, the story is pretty much very predictable, and hollywood-like.
Next question is: Is it a must to watch in 3D? 
Well, good flicks are good with or without 3D in my opinion, but I guess the blood splattering everywhere, the silver nitrate grenades and Selene’s tight suit look better with the 3D effect but that is really about it.
Selene still fights damn well, get thrown around at times, but the best scene was still how her feisty daughter jumps onto a super-lycan 9000x bigger than her, and ripping out their throats.
Sorry, no screenshot for your fapping. 
But if all else fails, you know the film will not flop as long as there is our kick-ass warrior Selene in her patent leather get-up (I really wonder if she gets chafing or rashes from it).
The set is still very much English-Gothic even though it’s been so many years, I guess when you become a vampire, you automatically adore gothic wear hahaha.
At least it is not about some few stupid teenage vampires, werewolves and a constipated cougar. 
Underworld: Awakening opens this 2nd February 2012 in all good cinemas!

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