HMT Movie Club: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Just like how He’s Just Not That Into You explored the relationships of singles and marrieds in a major metropolitan area, What to Expect When You’re Expecting also reconnoitered the aforementioned — this time with baby bumps thrown into the mix.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting details the ups and downs of five couples preparing for the latest addition to their family, offering a range of situations, problems, and attitudes towards the impending events. But mostly, the movie’s varied storylines cough up the same platitudes: being pregnant sucks, having young children is a misery, but it’s all worth it when you’re holding that newborn in your arms. Hollywood seems to think that a star-studded cast makes a good movie.

Couple 1: Fitness-show host Jules (Cameron Diaz) and dancer/partner Evan (Matthew Morrison) are surprised to learn that they’re with a child. They had to put their egos aside to get ready to raise the baby.

Couple 2: Author and breastfeeding boutique owner Wendy (Elizabeth Banks), dealing with fertility issues, and dentist husband Gary (Ben Falcone) have tried futilely to conceive for two years and have nearly given up. Suddenly, a miracle took place and viola she is pregnant. Wendy was also invited as a guest speaker for a keynote lecture where it became a hormone-driven meltdown. We all know that a hormonal-meltdown is far worse than a demon possession. 

Couple 3: At the same time, Gary’s race-car driver Dad Ramsey played by Dennis Quaid, and his wife Skylar, played by “born in 1986” Brooklyn Decker (she could simply pass off as her daughter in the movie in my opinion) have an announcement of their own to make. She’s pregnant too. Yes, not one, but two. TWINS? NO WAY! HOW DID THAT OLD MAN DO THAT? *muses*

Couple 4: Freelance photographer Holly (Jennifer Lopez) and ad agency executive Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) are spouses cossetting in adoption of an Ethiopian orphan with widely erratic levels of anticipation: she can’t wait, he’s not sure he wants to. Let’s just say he’s a little hesitant to have a baby just yet. In preparation of his impending fatherhood, he’s been running to the park to seek advice from experienced dad Vic (Chris Rock) and his friends Gabe (Rob Huebel), Craig (Tom Lennon) and Patel (Amir Talai), who takes their kids to the park and bitch and moan about fatherhood.

Couple 5: Last but not least, food truck owners Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and Marco (Chace Crawford) who were also high school classmates back in the days, learnt that their one-night stand has them expecting. When she suffers a miscarriage, she vows to try again when she’s ready.

Directed by Kirk Jones, the film doesn’t do much to clarify — or doesn’t seem to care — how all of these characters are connected. The only thing that got me gushing were the cute little babies. They were so adorable the entire cinema went “Awww…. Look at that cutie pie” I swear. Other than that, I was somewhat fidgety but the humorous dialogue exchanged kept me interested. Bipolar much?

All in all, What To Expect When You’re Expecting gets 2 popcorns out of 5 for the superficial pregnancy comedy. It arrives just as expected, but falls short of the proverbial smooth delivery.

I hope you are reading this because someone special for you is dragging you to watch this with them. Well if the person is your spouse, which I suppose is your wife tells you she wishes for you to watch it with her, TAKE THIS, because this is a test. A TEST! If this describes your situation, then you have to do it. I don’t think you’re gonna learn WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU’RE EXPECTING from this Hollywood film but you do learn eventually that you truly love your woman when you sit through this movie with her. Well the promising thought that it is not as bad as Twilight.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting is out in all good cinemas on May 17! Catch it first at the nearest Golden Village cinema today!

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