Views from the Pit: Baybeats 2010 Audition Round 2

An early Sunday morning, a scorching sun, a hangover, a (almost) dead crowd. Not exactly an ideal combination for a metal band to take the stage for the Baybeats 2010 round 2 auditions.

As frontman Dannie says, “Sunday mornings are for recovery of the hangover from last night.”

However, Meltgsnow didn’t fail to impress what audience was there and the judges, performing 2 songs for the auditions. For those who could not wake up early enough to catch their audition, here’s a quick recap. Soaring screams and gutteral growls, complete with heavy riffs and Dannie’s rigorous headbanging, something that is expected from a Meltgsnow performance.

The judges seemed hesitant about letting them play their second song, but finally decided to let them play “half a song”. Meltgsnow took the request in their stride, and managed to end the song nicely when requested by the judges halfway through, displaying their professionalism and tightness of the band.

For those who missed their performance, watch the clip that we managed to record below (pardon the video/sound quality!):

Editor’s Commentary:
Personally, the bass drums were not doing the drummer/songs justice. The vigourous and powerful double pedal beats by drummer Adrian was barely audible. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with the drummer, he was awesome, and flushed by the intense heat of the unforgiving weather. Vocalist Dannie had to cool himself with his bottle of water.

Albeit the addition of two new members (Guitar: David, Bass:Bexxx), the band displays cohesion as though they have been playing together from the start. The first impression that the new guitarist, David, gave us a vibe of one of the band member from Taiwanese poprock band Mayday, not in a bad way though (it just means he’s pretty handsome, from Cynthia’s point of view)! Lord Insanity (aka Dannie) will probably get jealous, but hey, share the love!

For a really short set, the band was dressed to the nines. (Fishnets & Rustic Wristbands are definitely kinky.) We thought that the band had individual styles and fashion sense, but there was a tinge of harmony in chaos, just like their performance. We really loved how Zach the guitarist complimented Lord Insanity’s vocals…to Bexxx‘s yakuza-oriental guitar strap.

Their ‘Sound-Check’ itself was almost like an introductory song, which sets the band apart from the rest. How many times do you see bands sound-checking as a band? (Togetherness, hello?) 

An Open Letter To The Baybeats Organiser:
We really could not figure out the rationale behind an audition which is on a Sunday and MOREOVER, morning. It was really hard for the bands, and hard for the fans. ALL the bands who auditioned were definitely decent enough to play an audition as a gig itself. Why not a later slot?

Feedbacks from many bands were that the sound man/system was really awful. They were not really happy with your sound man messing around with their preferred settings. For further details, please have a chat with the bands.

Nevertheless, we would love to thank the organising committee and everyone else involved in the audition to make Baybeats a success year after year. We, on behalf of the metal community would really love to have more metal acts up the next few years. We know your efforts on fighting for our genre’s chances. So keep the fire burning Baybeats.

(Apologies for the static sound quality. We recorded this impromptu with a mobile phone. In Which we’d love to appeal to fellow enthusiasts who might have better equipment to offer their help to Heavy Metal Tribune. 😀 )

©2010 Heavy Metal Tribune | CynnedCynner and Hong Rui

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