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Belphegor, with their large discography, has firmly rooted themselves as Austria’s premier black/death metal acts. With their latest album Blood Magick Necromance, they have once again broken boundaries, with new sounds destroying those that stand in their path. We talk to the band to find out more.

HMT: Greetings! Belphegor recently concluded the tour for the band’s latest album, Blood Magick Necromance. How was the response for the tour?

Yeah we did loads of bizarre open air performances/ shows/ tours/ festivals, some with a special “Fleisch” show and our Sukkubus. Now we prepare for the S- American raid, which starts in about 4 days, we return to Brazil, Venezuela and Columbia.

The release of Blood Magick Necromance marks the ninth full length album of Belphegor, a short 2 years after 2009’s Walpurgis Rites. With the relentless touring and album releases, does the band ever come to the point where you have felt burnt out?

Yes. Sometimes, to be honest…but life is a challenge you know, you have visions – you have dreams…you follow your path . Decide for yourself – I mean, if you are totally into it, you can do it. And yes we made it happen! Nowadays we are one of the hardest touring bands around, and we dig it to shred the world. Chaos…

Let’s talk a little bit about the new album. The album is entitled Blood Magick Necromance. Are there any running concepts behind the album title and the songs on the album?

Those three words say it all. If u wanna go more in depth, you find all lyrics/ content in the booklet.

Blood Magick Necromance also showed a further maturity in the band’s songwriting abilities, with songs like the title track displaying slower styles that are not commonly seen on the band’s past albums. Was this a natural progression for the band?

Exactly. I am more than proud about this massive Death track, a seven minutes opus, we worked eight months on this complex hymn. And arranged acribical everything in each detail, like damn zombie machines. You find everything there, spoken words, chants, choirs, grunts, acoustic guitars, doom parts which turn to ultra blast beats. the most difficult – varied track we ever created. Also new is that we ended the album with a highspeed riff attack, entitled SADO MESSIAH, not with a slow track as we did on the last albums. Also wanna mention the opener, entitled IN BLOOD- DEVOUR THIS SANCTITY.

The chorus melody is inspired from the classical composer, JOHANNES BRAHMS “Hungarian Dance” # 1 (1833 – 1897), i dig this melody. Brahms is amazing, since 14 years i have this vision now to use this part.

BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE sounds exactly how BELPHEGOR wanted to sound in 2011.

As such, what was the songwriting process like for this album? Were there any particular differences compared to writing past albums?

I never compare Lp´s, I can’t you know. I am totally into it, in the whole process of creating these pieces. With each Lp I try to give more energy time after time, this is important to me. U know – the musick thrones above all…and will remain.

It was amazing, really outstanding, the whole process you know….BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE is our most intense project since we started.

The album, since its release, has made its way to the Heatseakers chart, listed as the best selling album of an upcoming artist in Austria and Germania. Has the band ever thought that a black metal album would appear on such a chart? How does the band feel about this?

Beyond amazing. We crushed Austria and Germany again in the top Media control charts,….which was a schok-er for many people haharrr.

We were also nominated in Austria for the Amadeus ( Mozart – classical genius/ composer from Austria ) Award, but Austria is small and more than conservative when it comes to new things or to develop – change formulas, its kind of too early I guess.

It always takes people time to catch on to extreme art, art in general. The Heatseeker charts at # 48 was in the USA, we sold over 1000 copies in the first week of its release date. Thanks to all people that run out and/ or pre-ordered BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE and made this happen,

Thanks a bunch for killer killer support!

Blood Magick Necromance was recorded under Peter Tagtgren, who has also produced numerous albums that have all become pretty well-known in the extreme metal circle. What was the reason behind choosing him to produce the album, and what was the experience like working with him?

It was about time to try new things, a new experience – challenges, and the decision was the right way. The sound wall he created for the new Lp really took our recording and ultimate release much further in this new studio environment.

The lyrical content of Belphegor has constantly revolved around Satanism and anti-Christianity. Will there ever come a day when the band decides to completely shift away from these lyrical themes?

BELPHEGOR is about anti-life, anti-god, with tendencies to nihilism – that ain t change…

With the release of Blood Magick Necromance earlier this year, and the recently completion of a tour in support of the album, what are the short term plans of Belphegor? Will fans in Asia get to see Belphegor anytime soon?

BELPHEGOR are road – dogs. We did 3 tours since release date in January, + 80 shows for the new album, and thats just the beginning. In Jan,Feb, March well return to Usa and Canada with DARK FUNERAL etc. Yesterday we started rehearsing for the S- American raid. Unfortunately, Asia and Australia is still not on the list this year.

We have some agents over there that work on a raid in 2012, about time to march in to these countries….

Next month we will do some weekend shows, return to Russia and start already to write new riffs/ arrangements, but do not expect a new longplayer before end of 2012.

We have come to the last question of the interview. The last words are yours!

Thanks a bunch for the space in your magazine and your support. Hail to Singapore. Check out the new Lp, BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE.

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