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Formed in 2008, Blair Witch are the first extreme metal band out of Taiwan boasting an all-female lineup until the recent addition of guitarist, Chiang. After 3 years of silence, the band has finally released their debut EP, entitled Imprecation. We talk to Ice, vocalist of the band to learn more.

HMT: Hi Ice, thank you for taking the time off to talk to us. Before we start the interview proper, would it be possible to give our readers a brief history of Blair Witch?

Ice: Well, Blair Witch was formed in early 2007 but the line-up was complete in early 2008.Now,we have A PO on drum, Shinya on guitar, Mai on bass, Ice on vocal and one more guitarist, Chiang joined in 2011.We play our own style of black metal. All creations of Blair Witch are about anger, depression and greed of humanity.

Since the formation of the band in 2008, the band has gone on to achieve numerous feats, such as the performance in one of the biggest venues in Taipei and last year’s Korean Metal Festival. With the recent tour in support of the new EP, how did the shows go? Were there any memorable experiences?

Ice: It is always great to stand on the stage. I love it! It is interesting to see audiences’ reaction and I enjoy this feeling. Shows in Taiwan were always cool although we still don’t have huge amount of fans. I think Asia metal festival summer special 2010 in South Korea is a real awesome experience to this band. This was the first time we had a concert overseas.

How has the response for the band’s Imprecation EP been so far?

Ice: I haven’t heard of much response about this EP but I think we did our best during recording so far. Still some people gave us nice response and we would like to thank all of them.

Let’s talk a little bit about the album. When writing the songs on the album, what were some of the lyrical and musical inspirations?

Ice: Shinya is the main song writer. She often writes riffs after seeing some horror movies or reading some stories about war. It’s always full of sorrow and hatred. I was trying to make it as a story of witch’s reprisal. Of course, it’s full of anger, greed and depression.

Most black metal bands focus on pagan or Satanic-related themes when writing the music. What is the approach taken when writing the songs for Blair Witch?

Ice: We just write about every dark side of humanity we saw.

Being one of the few female-fronted black metal bands from Taiwan, what was the reason behind the band forming originally as a completely female band? How have reactions been since the start of the band?

Ice: Haha, we just wanted to show everyone that girls can play extremely metal as well in the beginning. When time goes by, we start to think about how to make our music better not just focus on this point after all. All female extremely metal band will be nothing in the future I bet. Of course the reactions were good but we do not want to be well-known because we are all girls!

Also, who are some of your influences in terms of your vocal approach?

Ice: Code from Anthelion. He does really good job in every song. I hope one day I will be able to be as good as him. Ibilis (ex vol.) and Zingultus from Endstille also influence me a lot. OH! Onielar from Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult is also my big goal.

If I’m not wrong, the band recently had the addition of Chiang into the band handling guitar duties along with Shinya. How did this allegiance come about, and why not stick to having another female guitarist instead?

Ice: As I mentioned before, we just focus on how to make our music better. We don’t care about the gender of new member if he or she can provide really good idea to this band. Be honest, keep this band pure female will be a big feature of Blair Witch but it is difficult to look for a female guitarist who likes and can play extremely metal in Taiwan.

In recent years, the Taiwanese metal scene has grown tremendously with bands like ChthoniC and Anthelion bearing the flag of Taiwanese metal. How has the metal scene grown compared to 6 years ago, both in terms of bands and metal fanbase?

Ice: I think there are more and more people into metal recently but styles of metal are less than 6 years ago. I rather go back to 6 years ago if I could.

To people who are not familiar with the Taiwanese metal scene, what are some of the bands that you would recommend, besides already familiar names such as the aforementioned ChthoniC and Anthelion?

Ice: Bloody Tyrant, a great new black metal band, Revilement, a brutal death metal band, Masquerader, an old school thrash metal band and Beyond Cure, Flesh Juicer both are skillful deathcore band, and so on.

With the release of the EP, what are the plans of the band in the near future? Any chance of seeing Blair Witch in Singapore any time soon?

Ice: We will keep writing more songs to prepare our first album. Currently we have no schedule of concert after coming back from Hong Kong. We got some invitations overseas but we would like to show fans whole new creations. We’d like to go to Singapore! We won’t let you wait too long.

Any parting words to fans of Blair Witch and our readers out there before we end the interview?

Ice: Thanks for your support and Hails!

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