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Having only 2 EPs under their belts, Malaysia’s Crown ov Horns has already gained comparisons with Polish legends such as Vader, Behemoth and Infernal War, with their fusion of chaotic and brutal style of black and death metal. We talk to K. Helvete to find out more about the band.

HMT: Greetings Helvete! Crown ov Horns has been desecrating stages and spreading blasphemy since its inception in 2008. Would it be possible to give our readers a brief history of the band?

Crown ov Horns is diabolically forged in 2008 by Shaun and I, K. Helvete. The intention of this spawned entity is to deliver Death Metal at its most punishing form, bestial, atrocious and devastating. The moving force behind this band is obviously the two of us, we have been working as duo all these while and we felt that it is the best method for now hence we have been recruiting session members for the vacant positions in the band. As for the year 2011, Crown ov Horns is K. Helvete (Guitar), Shaun (Drums), Rajj (Session Vocal) and Aril (Session Bass). So far Crown ov Horns have spew forth 2 EP’s and 1 split release with Soul Devour in Cassette Tape format.

When the band first started in 2008, how did the name Crown ov Horns come about? What is the significance of the band name in the band’s music?

Our band name came from the title of a song by Cryptopsy, Crown of Horns, taken from their magnum opus ‘None So Vile’. This monumental release came out in 1996 and the music was totally ahead of its time, no doubt it is one of the most important Death Metal albums of all time. Apart from adopting our name from their song, the sheer intensity and chaotic atmosphere found in our music is highly influenced by the mighty Cryptopsy.

You have also been a member of Mantak since 2006, handling bass duties in the band. What was it that made you decide to start a band outside of Mantak, and how do you manage to juggle duties between bands?

Time management is extremely vital, though I have to add that I do not have much after-work activities and I put band related matters in the highest priority.

K Helvete

The band’s second MCD, Infernvs Dominatvs was released in January this year under Evil Dead Production. How has the reception for the album been so far, and is the band satisfied with the reception of the album?

The responses are minimal but it has been great and very positive so far, as the distribution may not be widespread due to the fact that we are still new to many. Some comparisons have been made between us and great bands out there and this have greatly provided us the motivation to push forward even more. I would also like to point out that Evil Dead Production have done a lot in spreading our releases, also credits to Ars Funebris Records for believing in what we do and supported us this far.

As evident on the music on Infernvs Dominatvs, the band has managed to achieve a Polish black/death metal sound in the veins of Behemoth and Infernal War, along with an element of chaos in the music. Was this the intended effect right from the formation of Crown ov Horns?

Yes you can say so, as the intention to form this band is to bring forth this type of Death Metal. However, we are definitely not a clone band and it would be pointless too if we force ourselves to be original or different, I strongly believe that through hard work and perseverance, originality will come naturally by itself as it is not something that any band can just achieve overnight.

What was the songwriting process like for the songs on Infernvs Dominatvs?

The songwriting process is purely collaborative effort between me and Shaun, in the band we never limit ourselves to contribute ideas using only our own instrument. Several guitar riffs in our songs are in fact composed by Shaun, despite sitting behind the drums.

Among the chaos that is presented on Infernvs Dominatvs, the guitar solos unleashed are surprisingly melodic and well thought-out. What are your personal influences when it comes to writing guitar solos for Crown ov Horns?

Too many to mention here, if I have to it will be Dave Suzuki’s work in Vital Remains, specifically the album ‘Dechristianize’, Bill Steer’s works in Carcass’ ‘Heartwork’, Triumphator’s work in Infernal War’s ‘Redesekration’, Chuck Schuldiner of the mighty Death and as much as I hate the new Morbid Angel album, Trey Azagthoth’s guitar works too have highly influenced my guitar playing ever since I started to play Death Metal.

On Infernvs Dominatvs, the music is also mixed extremely loud, giving the songs a dirty sound (which I personally loved) compared to the clean production that many similar styled bands prefer nowadays. Was the mixing of the music this loud done intentionally?

Thank you and yes it was totally our intention to create the loudest possible ear-crushing anthems and we will still be doing this despite what people say about ‘Loudness War’.


Infernvs Dominatvs features lyrics about war, hate and violence. Who is the principal lyricist in the band, and where is inspiration for the lyrics drawn from?

I wrote all the lyrics for Crown ov Horns, it was our decision to write about war, destruction and death because we know that it is the most suitable topic to go with our music. Our lyrics glorifies the dark days of humanity, specifically war times, human cruelty at its best.

The thing that mainly captured my attention at first was the album artwork on Infernvs Dominatvs, presenting listeners with an epic scene from a war. Are there any particular themes or concepts behind the album artwork, and how did the artwork come about?

The cover art was chosen from the many artworks that Ironworx Gravefix put on sale on the Internet, we chose this magnificent masterpiece because it can relate to our lyrical concept. We will most likely be working with him again for our upcoming releases.

The songs from the band’s first MCD, Ungodly Supremacy were also included on Infernvs Dominatvs. What was the reason behind the inclusion of the songs in the new MCD?

‘Ungodly Supremacy’ was intended as a promotional release hence it was pressed in a very limited quantity, when it was sold out we realize that there were still demands for it so for those who missed it we have included all of its songs as bonus tracks in ‘Infernvs Domintvs’.

With you and Shaun being the founders of the band, will there be any chances when permanent members will fill up the other positions in the band?

Definitely, if in the future we stumble upon any suitable and capable candidates we would not hesitate to recruit them as permanent members.

The band states that it is currently in the writing process for the upcoming debut full length album. How has the process been so far, and judging on the songs on Ungodly Supremacy and Infernvs Dominatvs, can fans expect music in similar veins on the upcoming full length?

The songwriting process for our upcoming release which will be our first Full Length has begun and currently we have enough materials for about 7-8 songs. There will be more tempo and time signature changes in the new songs, composed meticulously without compromising on the sheer brutality of our music. We will be injecting different elements into our music but nonetheless it will still be crushing and in the same veins in our previous releases.

And finally, the last words are yours!

Thank you for the interview, keep up with the good work in Heavy Metal Tribune. Hails! Crown ov Horns – Warfare and Bloodshed by heavymetaltribune

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