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Featuring 2 members of Impiety, Divine Codex last year unleashed their first dose of brutality, with their debut full length album Ante Matter. We talk to the band to find out more about the origins of the band, the writing of the album, and what it was like having Attila providing guest vocals on the album.

HMT: Hi Atum, thank you for taking the time off for this interview. Before we start the interview proper, would it be possible to give our readers a brief introduction and history of Divine Codex?

Hello there! well, Divine Codex was born in early 2009 with a studio jam session, me and Guh Lu decided to meet to share some ideas and came up with an album in 4 days, it was a great experience, something we never did before, but I think it worked very well in the end, the songs came out so naturally and quickly and I think you can really feel this different approach when you listen to the record.

The band has recently finished the recording of the follow up to last year’s Ante Matter, and has been signed to Spanish label, Might Hordes Productions. How is the preparation for the album release been so far?

It’s going great for sure, the guys at Mighty Hordes are working hard to do a proper promotion for the album, this label is small but very dedicated, we both know what to expect from this release, so we’re doing our best to spread it worldwide, we were more than glad to sign with Mighty Hordes, one of the very few labels that is still supporting true Music and it’s willing to invest on it, something you can’t see anymore nowadays.

The band’s debut album, Ante Matter, was released last year. How was reception for the album, and was this expected on the part of the band?

The feedback for the debut album was great, I read lots of good reviews and the album got sold out very quickly, which is always great ! of course we didn’t expect such a good response, first of all because it’s always difficult to start a new band, you know, get known, make the band bigger and stuff like that, but we were so confident with the songs that we had no doubts about going on with this project and make it something big.

The album featured guest musicians such as Attila and members of Setherial. How did these collaborations come about, and what was it like working with the different guest musicians?

We’ve been in contact with the guys of Setherial for quite some time, and when the album was recorded we simply sent a promo to some friends who forwarded that to Mysteriis and Infaustus, they really liked the songs so when we asked them to do session vocals they were really into it, they did an amazing job I think. The collaboration with Attila came out very naturally as well, Guh Lu and him have been friends for a long time, so he just asked him to share some ideas for this release and he sent us his stuff, very interesting way of composing and working with vocals in my opinion, he’s a real artist, not just a singer.

On Ante Matter, who is the principal songwriter? Would it be possible to explain any concepts that run behind the album?

The main vocals line are done by Mysteriis, he’s the one that worked the most on the lyrics, adding that particular style and atmosphere to the songs, it was great to hear the result since he was basically experimenting with vocal styles, he can pretty much play every instrument so it took very few days to get into the right mood and record everything. The concept is based on my lyrics, it’s like a voyage to the stars to explore the boundaries of the mind. This whole theme will be taken further in the new album, which kinda completes the concept of Ante Matter.

Compared with many other black metal bands that choose to put on corpse paint on photoshoots and live performances, Divine Codex has chosen not to. Are there any particular reasons behind that?

No particular reasons actually. We just felt we needed no makeup nor extreme layout to present this project to the listener, the Music is so intense that already shows our essence. On the other hand, I feel I had enough of corpsepaint, chains and stuff like that after several years of metal bands, I still respect the bands that choose to go on with that layout, but I just don’t feel comfortable with it anymore, I think of myself more as a musician rather than a stage character, so I prefer to work on the songs and improve as a drummer instead of wasting time choosing what to wear onstage, but again, this is just my opinion, not a critic to any band.

The current lineup of Divine Codex comprises only yourself and Guh Lu. Are there any future plans to get permanent members to fill up the rest of the positions in the band?

Not at the moment. Divine Codex is incarnated in the form of a duo, this is the way we like to work, compose and record and we’re not gonna change it, at least for now. That being said, we’re setting up a live lineup, which will be announced later on this year before going on the road again.

Not too long ago, both yourself and Guh Lu were part of the recording lineup for Impiety before the recent announcement of the departure. Are there any reasons behind your departure from Impiety?

Well, I’ve explained my reasons in the announcement, so there’s not much to add to that. Me and Shyaithan are friends before colleagues, so when the time to make decisions came, we chose to preserve that friendship, talk about the situation and so on, that’s the best way to handle these things I think.

With the upcoming album, fans of the band are definitely anxiously awaiting the release. The band has already revealed the first guest musician to appear on the album, Bernth, the live guitarist of Belphegor. Will there be more surprises from the band in the upcoming album?

We are more anxious than them actually ! the album is ready and the songs are awesome, it was like recording Ante Matter but with several years more of touring/recording experience, and believe me it really paid off! Bernth is friend, a really cool, dedicated guy and most importantly a great musician, it’s a honour for us to have him on our album. Of course there will be more “surprises”, but I dont’ want to spoil that too much, just check our official pages to have some news about that!

When can fans look forward to the album to be released?

The new album will be out late 2011, hopefully in November/December, of course we’ll keep you posted on that!

Finally, any last words for readers and fans of Divine Codex out there?

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