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Fall of Mirra recently performed at the Korean Asian Metal Fest 2010 and even appeared on TODAY newspaper. We talk to the band to find out about their experiences out of Singapore, and how they feel about their upcoming performance with hardcore legends, Shai Hulud.

The crew at Heavy Metal Tribune got a little bit excited before the whole band was present so we got started with some small talk with Hadi (guitars) and Julius (keyboards) while at the prata shop waiting for the rest to arrive.

So how long do you guys book the studio for and how do you spend your time in the studio?

Hadi: We usually book the studio for 2 hours, and 2 hours is actually a very short time, especially when we are composing songs. We try not to waste time in the studio. Usually we will just plug in our instruments, do a simple sound check and start practising.

What are your jamming sessions like?

Hadi: It depends on what we want to focus on. When we have a gig coming up, we usually jam the songs that we are going to play at the gig. But there are times when we focus on composing and coming up with new songs.

So you compose songs in the jamming studio?

Hadi: Not all the time. Usually some of us will do our own jamming during our free time at home and make a recording. Then when we meet up for jamming we will just present to the rest of the band what we have recorded and some of the ideas that we have, and from there the rest have their inputs and we slowly compose a new song from there.

We then proceeded to a quiet corner to start the interview proper as the rest of the band started arriving.

Hi guys, thanks for granting us this interview. First and foremost, give us a brief introduction and history of the band. What does “Fall of Mirra” mean?

Julius (Keyboards): Before I enlisted, I was working at this company. I had this ex-colleague of mine who asked me what my band’s name was, which was Fall of Mirra. Then he asked me if I was a fan of Dave Mirra. So I was asking him who Dave Mirra was, then he told me that he was a BMX biker, who has never fallen in his entire biking career. So that sort of caught in a sense and we had visualized that like one day Mirra will fall.

So it was before he told you about Mirra that you named your band?

Julius: Actually before that, our ex-vocalist would bring BMX magazines to our band meetings. It was actually a coincidence that I had an ex-colleague who was telling me about Dave Mirra and an ex-vocalist who constantly read BMX biking magazines so there was kind of a link to each other.

So the band name doesn’t really have a link to the type of music that you play.

Julius: No, it was just a coincidence that we got the links together and it somehow managed to make sense.

How would you guys describe your music?

Brandon (Vocals): I would think we are like progressive metalcore? We have elements of metalcore in whatever we play. At times, this metalcore element gets drowned out by some other sub-genres, like deathcore and hardcore, so to make it simple, we put the progressive tag in front of metalcore.

Why metalcore, and why progressive?

Brandon: It changes in time. Everytime we write new stuff, we get new elements in it, so it’s kind of like very “rojak” in a sense.

You guys got to perform at Korea’s Asian Metal Fest 2010 this year, how did that come about? Did you have to expose your band’s music, or did they have to discover you themselves?

Hadi (Guitars/Vocals): It’s kind of a two-way thing. Prior to the Korean Metal Fest, I kind of know the organizers.

So they just invited Fall of Mirra to play?

Hadi: Yes, so they just invited us to play. We feel that this is our breakthrough to bring our music to somewhere outside Singapore, to show the world that Singaporeans can play metal too.

But why Korea? Did you guys have a choice?

Julius: Well, because it happens that this metal festival is Korea’s annual Metal Festival.

Were you worried that we are English speaking but Koreans are not, and there would be problems since whatever music that you are playing it is not Korean, so were there communication problems?

Hadi: In terms of person to person communication, definitely there will be communication breakdowns.

Imran (Bass): But we had a translator present to help us with communicating with the Koreans.

Hadi: But if you talk about how we communicate with the crowd, all I can say is that music is universal. The moment we strike our D chord, the crowd just goes insane! They are very supportive, and are very dedicated and passionate about music. We were surprised to see a granny at the concert as well!

Julius: And a few MILFs!

What was preparation like for the band before heading to Korea?

[Band laughs]

Any interesting stories, or accidents that you can share?

Hadi: All I can say is that we did not have much preparation.

Fadzlly (Drums): We kind of just go with the flow. We did not really practice, because of time constraints, because at that point in time I was getting married, so we did not have much time to practice. Whatever little time that we had, we just made full use of it. We probably jammed 3 or 4 times only in preparation for the gig in Korea.

How old are you?

Fadzlly: Guess my age, haha!


Fadzlly: I’m actually 29 haha!

Tell us about your experience in Korea, sharing stage with bands like Oathean and Graveworm. Were there any differences in the crowd compared to Singapore? Do they do funny things like throw Kimchi?

Imran: The crowd is really good, they are more supportive. You can really see those unusual crowd.

How’s their dressing like? Is it radical like Japan?

Julius: They actually just look like normal people who dress normally, they don’t look like the stereotypical metalheads.

Hadi: We actually met an English teacher there.

You guys are going to open for Shai Hulud when they perform in Singapore. How did Fall of Mirra manage to capture the opening slot for these hardcore legends, did you guys contact them again?

Hadi: Actually for this time, Echo productions [the company bringing in Shai Hulud] approached me and asked if we wanted to open for them. The organizer and I are best friends, so she just asked if we wanted to be the opening band.

So how does it feel to be opening for Shai Hulud, after all, they are pretty much the hardcore legends.

Brandon: I am fucking stoked for it, because I’ve been listening to them since I was in secondary 2 and I’ve been following them for quite a while. They are pretty much the pioneers for the whole hardcore scene, so yeah, I’m very stoked for it.

You will embark on your Prelude to Destruction tour in mid June 2010. How is preparation coming along, or is it going to be the same as the Korea gig?

Hadi: We will actually take this upcoming tour very seriously, as it will be an opportunity for the band to expand its fan base out of Singapore and use this as a promotion for our next release. What I feel is that having a MySpace page alone is not enough because we need to go out there and show people that we can rock the stage and fuck the place up and put up a good show, regardless of where we perform at. We don’t want to go to another country and waste our effort so we are going to put in every ounce of effort that we can into this tour.

Now that you have released your Prelude to Destruction EP and completed the Korean show, can fans and listeners expect a full length anytime soon?


Fadzlly: The next release will not be so soon. We have a lot of gigs to play until the end of this year. Maybe we will work on our new release next year, but we can’t give you a definite answer for now. There are actually plans for it and we promise that it will not be too far away.

Any parting words and advice for other bands?

Imran: I can only say that when you start something, you don’t stop. Whatever the obstacle you may face, just continue and whack only!

Thank you for the interview 🙂

Fall of Mirra: Thank you for having us too!

Fall of Mirra on MySpace and Facebook.
Fall of Mirra will be opening for Shai Hulud, along with My Precious and For Better Endings when they play in Singapore on 1st May, 2010.

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