Interview with Gene Palubicki from Perdition Temple

After Angelcorpse announced their split, Gene and Terry continued their onslaught with Perdition Temple, playing music in the veins of Angelcorpse, adding more influences in the music along the way. We manage to talk to Gene to learn more about the band, and (yes we know this has been done to death) a possible second reunion of Angelcorpse.

HMT: Infernal hails, Gene! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to interview you! Edict of the Antichrist Elect was released last year, how has the response for it been so far?

I’ve seen/heard some great responses in reviews and personal comments. Ha, some even claiming album of the year, or in some cases some comments like most bestial/aggressive stuff in 25 years, blah,blah…Some say that it sounds like the more appropriate album to follow chronologically from 1999’s “The Inexorable”(ANGELCORPSE) in that it is more consistently violent in song structures than the “somewhat” more experimental final ANGELCORPSE album from 2007. And of course there are the other comments like “bringing nothing new”, or “everything is a blur that all sounds the same”, or “for ANGELCORPSE fans only”. Which although the reviewers may mean these statements as “negatives” I feel that, for their ears, my mission is appropriately accomplished…

I personally got to know Perdition Temple through yours and Terry’s involvement in Angelcorpse. Would it be possible to enlighten fans of the band and readers about the history of Perdition Temple?

PERDITION TEMPLE history literally starts at the moment of ANGELCORPSE demise. Terry had been working on the songs for quite a while and the only hold up was no lyrics, other issues, etc…everything was up until late 2008 intended to be the 5th ANGELCORPSE album. But with Pete and I severing our collaboration it created a situation where I would not merely settle for getting some “sound-alike” vocalist and try to stumble along as some sort of “in name only” version of ANGELCORPSE…instead I created a new name that was fitting to my vision, created my own lyrics(along with Terry), and since I wanted to set the pace for the future of this work I decided to do the vocal performance as well…

With Edict of the Antichrist Elect being released 3 years after Angelcorpse’s last album, Of Lucifer and Lightning, do you see this as a continuation of what was set by the music written in Angelcorpse?

Like I mentioned, this at the very least, musically, is exactly what would been next for ANGELCORPSE. And now that certain freedoms are available to me now under the new moniker I can advance the future of these works to places I was previously hindered from creating. Basically meaning that I’m the lowest common denominator for performance capabilities/creativity…so I can only advance in more radical madness and aural punishment than ever…

Let’s talk about the album artwork on Edict of the Antichrist Elect. It features a sigil with a subtle swastika and Satanic symbols such as the inverted cross and pentagram. How did the concept of this sigil come about?

I wanted a new iconic symbol to go along with the new band, like with ANGELCORRPSE there was the WOLF/SERPENT/PENTAGRAM design…I wanted something “cyclical” that had representations of “Antichrist”, “death”, “war”, as well as the “root/race” representation of the pentagram on steel bestial wings and the dagger at the bottom to indicate a ritualistic/spiritual/celebratory union of all these elements.

When the band’s launch was first announced, you mentioned in a release that you were searching for a suitable vocalist for the band. What was it that eventually made you decide to handle vocals, in addition to guitars and bass duties on Edict of the Antichrist Elect?

It really at that point in time was due to just not finding anyone around who would fit, or would/could be an appropriate new member. So like I mentioned before I chose to do it myself to set the path for what may come later, which will certainly have greatly reduced vocal stuff from me since I can scarcely play the guitar and sing at the same time…

The lyrics on the album were also split between you and Terry. What was it that caused the decision to split the lyrics writing duties?

Both Terry and I had ideas for stuff and I was certainly not above collaborating for lyrics. Not to mention that originally there was nothing since we were all at that point waiting for Pete to create the lyrics for an ANGELCORPSE record, and with the sudden demise of the band there was a total blank spot to then be filled mid-production, so to speak…I literally needed to halt production/preparation for my APOCALYPSE COMMAND debut album stuff so that I could redirect energy to the creation of appropriate type lyrics for what was now going to be PERDITION TEMPLE.

Personally, where do you draw the inspirations to write your lyrics from, seeing that in Angelcorpse the duties usually fell on Pete?

For the most part there is really not that much of a variation from subject matter that anyone versed in ANGELCORPSE stuff would find odd. At least for my lyrics it is a bit of what my feelings on many of the subjects are…my method of expressing these ideas. Pete and I stopped collaborating mainly due to “music” questions, and other trivial matters that effectively prevented us from going on. But on lyric content/subjects there was never a large gap in taste and motivations…

Gene, you are also the mastermind behind Apocalypse Command. Having released a critically acclaimed demo in 2007 so far, would there be any releases for Apocalypse Command anytime soon? Also being in Blasphemic Cruelty, how do you manage your time between bands?

There is some final mixing/mastering to be done on the debut for APOCALYPSE COMMAND, and it should see release April 2011 on INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS. The album features the collaboration between me and Cam Sinclair(of DIOCLETIAN) on drums and arrangements. It features 8 tracks total including the new versions of the 3 songs from the demo…it is entitled “Damnation Scythes of Invincible Abomination”. I’m also at this stage beginning some ideas for whatever may be next for BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY. And somewhere amongst all of this I’m trying to sort out getting some live gigs anywhere at all to promote the PERDITION TEMPLE stuff. So aside from all of that and working my day jobs 7 days a week I’m completely wrecked most often.

It seems that Perdition Temple does not, or rarely performs live. Will fans of Perdition Temple ever get to catch the band’s live performances any time in the near future?

I’m working with some new members as I write this for preparation for live stuff…we’ll see what happens…and I hope soon!!!

There was a reformation of Angelcorpse between 2006 and 2009. Despite the announcement that Angelcorpse was ended because of musical differences, is there any possibility for fans to see yet another reunion of Angelcorpse?

No. There is no possible future for anything with ANGELCORPSE. My side of that story goes on now with PERDITION TEMPLE.

Alright, we have come to the last question of the interview. Can fans look forward to any new releases by the band soon? After all, Edict of the Antichrist Elect has certainly left fans of the band begging for more!

Yes, there are other songs already complete and others in development. I really want to get out and do some live stuff 1st so fans can get a grasp on what that version of the band sounds like before going on to the next record right away.

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