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Having just released their new sophomore full length Subjugate, we were fortunate to have German extreme metal band Implore grace our shores in Singapore for their Subjugate Asia tour. Our foreign correspondent Clarence had the opportunity to sit down (or stand up, really) with vocalist/bassist Gabriel and guitarist Petro to learn more about the band’s history, and their music.

Hi guys, thank you for giving us this opportunity to talk to you. Before we begin the interview proper, could you give us a brief introduction of Implore? I understand the band was formed back in 2012?

Gabriel: There’s a misunderstand with our timeline. The band was initially formed as a solo project in 2012 when I recorded some songs with a few friends. I always had the intention to form a band, but it wasn’t a band until I met Daniel who was the first guitarist in 2013. It was an idea, and the song never got released anyway, till I met Daniel. When I told him my idea, he had some demos as well, so we put both demos together and things worked perfectly. So we got a drummer, and we recorded our first EP as a band. I would count 2013 as the real beginning for the band.

How did the band’s name come about?

Gabriel: That’s was my idea. When I had this one man project, I just called it Implore. I kind of liked the name, as it sounds good and strong with just one word, and at the point of time no other band was using the name. When Daniel join the band he liked the name as well, thus we continued on with the name.

The band released its second album, Subjugate on September 2017. This is the band’s first album under Century Media Records. How has the response been so far?

Petro: It’s been great so far. For sure you can’t always have really good reviews, and some people didn’t really enjoy it in terms of sound and production. But generally, the overall feedback from media and fans has been really positive. We have a good feeling with the album we put out, and we are even happier that people are appreciating our hard work.

Gabriel: All we know is that we wrote music that satisfied ourselves, and we tried to write something that was for us, which we would like to perform every night for the next two years. If there are people who like our music we wrote, that’s great.

Petro: Sure the music comes straight from the heart, no intention to sound exactly like other bands.

The band’s sound can be described as a mixture of blackened death and grind core, how did this style came about for the band? Who were some of the main influences in Implore’s music?

Gabriel: Listening to a lot of different stuff, we don’t close ourselves to one genre. No bullshit – we listen to everything from Katy Perry to Marduk. We like everything.

Petro: When it comes to sounds, probably each one of us comes from different scenes and backgrounds, and this is what resulted in the sound of Subjugate – mixing all these different backgrounds and finding a common point between all of these influences.

Let’s talk about the band’s lyrics. I understand that the band focuses on the topics of conspiracy, human misery, etc. How does the band seek inspiration for your lyrics?

Gabriel: I did pretty much all of the lyrics of the band. The first album Depopulation was based on conspiracies and the violence in humanity. Subjugate was based on the control of system on humanity, so one is more of decimation and killing and the other is more of the control of system. In order to despise and disagree with the system we lived in, I tried to go back to how this system came to exist, from the hunter-and-gatherer society and the little groups that started to evolve into cities, towns. How everything evolved into this Capitalistic system.

The band recently performed in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong & Korea, how was the crowd response like?

Petro: It was really good! We have played crazy shows like in the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Cambodia. We got great responses, and we had people travelling 2-3 hours to see our show. It’s our first time here in Asia, we had some expectations but we didn’t really know what to expect.

Gabriel: Also we are really down to earth, like we never go anywhere expecting anything. We just go and do it, and if the feedback is better than we thought – cause we are a small band and even smaller in Europe, coming to Asia which is on the other side of the world, where people never heard of us – when we get a good feedback is a plus point for us.

After playing for a couple of years now, if you compare the crowd in Europe and Asia, are there any differences between the two crowds?

Gabriel & Petro: The Asian crowd is more passionate.

Gabriel: I think the Asian crowd isn’t so spoilt, because we tour the same countries every year in Europe, and everyone has seen us for a couple of times so probably there might be less excitement when you see the band for the sixth time. But here so far, it’s really good. In fact here in Asia, people thank us for coming, but we should be thanking them instead for coming to the show. At the end of the day what you do is all about making someone happy and that makes you happy which is good for self-esteem.

2018 will definitely be another busy year for Implore with the extensive touring in support of the new album. The band is currently working towards some European dates from January onwards. Will the band be heading to the States anytime soon?

Petro: Probably next year, we will be playing in the US. Next year we will be mainly touring in support for the new album, everywhere possible.

Gabriel: For the next year, we want to start to set-up our dates in the US.

Petro: We did a tour in the US two years ago, it was a DIY tour and we played really small shows, and it was a cool experience. We would like to go back and tour the rest of the country because it’s such a big country.

Gabriel: Next year the band will be focusing more on quality rather than quantity, so hopefully we get to have better tours in Europe and start to build an audience in the US. So hopefully one to three tours in the US next year.

Are there any parting words for your fans in Singapore?

Petro: We expect to have a good show in Singapore!

Gabriel: What you’re going to see is 100% honest, straightforward music and there’s no acting, no bullshit, what you see is what you get from the band.

Heavy Metal Tribune would like to thank Implore, as well as Vent Box Productions for this opportunity to speak to the band.

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