Interview with Julius from Fall of Mirra: A Tour Report

Fall of Mirra was in Indonesia (Batam, to be exact!) over the weekend and they just performed their set at the Borderless Annual ASEAN Underground Music fest, an annual music festival featuring bands from all over South East Asia (think Indonesia’s version of Singapore’s BayBeats!)

HMT: What was the view from the stage?

The view on the stage was pretty much good with the open sea directly next to us and not to mention the batam people having a great time moshing and headbanging to our performance. In all honesty I love the Batam crowd because they are have been very enthu and supportive not just during our set but to other band’s set as well.

Was the weather bad like in Singapore?

It’s just like Singapore actually, just a little less humid.

What was the crowd like, compared to Singapore?

I got to say that the Batam crowd are very active when it comes to performing bands on stage. You can instantly see that they even have distinctively way of moshing as compared to how singaporeans mosh. You got to see them yourself to actually know what I’m saying.

We see Hadi doing pushups in the middle of the set!

Oh that part when Hadi was doing push ups was towards the ending of the song “Chuck Norris” when first we had a short bass riff followed by the keyboards. So as a guitarist, he had time to his trademark finisher on stage.

What…. So he does that in Singapore too?!


Do all of you have “finishing moves”?

Actually I don’t know, but I have a few…

Come, confess!

Oh hammering the keys on the keyboard is one of the trademark finishers haha. And also the position in how I stand when I play the keys…

What are the people there like generally, excluding the fans of music?

They are very friendly people I must say. Very receptive towards the tourists. We had one French guy following us on trip and the Batam girls went crazy over him. Wave and wave of batam ladies could not wait to snap pictures with him!

Huh, why will a French guy be following you on the trip?

We kind of got to know him at Flames Festival in KL. He actually went all the way from Singapore to KL to attend Flames Festival. That’s how we got to know him and he wanted to tag alongside with us for the trip to Batam. He’s like our posterboy in Batam.

Ahh… So how’s the food there? Indon food is well known to be super spicy…

I tell you, the sambal they have in indonesia was freaking awesome. Even for someone like Hadi who’s Malay himself cannot even deal with the sambal. It’s feels damn good when you taste it but the after effects of it makes your stomach go insane….. The moment the thing touches your tongue, it instantly makes you sweat!

Ok that’s all that we have for you, we hope you guys had fun in Batam!

You can view the photo album to Fall of Mirra’s set at the festival here.
Fall of Mirra on MySpace.

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