Interview with Kaz from Fastkill

Fastkill hails from Japan, playing an aggressive style of thrash metal with a dose of punk, often toying with a nuclear theme. We talk to Kaz, drummer of the band to learn more about the band.

HMT: Greetings Kaz! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to talk to you! Last year the band supported Hirax on their Japan tour. What was it like, sharing the stage with Hirax?

Kaz: Hi there how’s going. Thank you too for giving us this opportunity to let readers know more about FASTKILL. I appreciate your support.

It was our second time to share the stage with Hirax and they were so professional and super both on and off stages so totally great experience for us. You can imagine how great to share the stage with the band that you grew up with listening to.

Last month the band also shared the stage with Singapore’s Xanadoo. What was the experience like?

KAZ: That was totally awesome time sharing stage and hanging out with those crazy maniacs here in Tokyo. Their stages were great and received good reactions from audiences. We drank every night at my place or outside bar which were really fun. We’re considering releasing that we recorded on the night.

The band was started in 1996 and has released 2 full length albums. People have mentioned that the band sounds like a sped-up version of bands such as Kreator. How does the band feel about such comparisons?

KAZ: That comment got the point since we’re totally into Kreator, especially early era (1st – 3rd) and have been sticking for speed so it’s kind of great and kind words describing our sound, I think.

Fastkill’s music is a mixture of thrash metal with a large dose of punk speed. Who are some of the band’s influences when writing the music for the album?

KAZ: These days we often share stages with punk/hardcore band and got tons of influence from them. As I mentioned above that speed is top priority for us and what we expect most for Thrash metal. Our main songwriter, Jiro(G) and Aki(G) have mainly been influenced by those bands like Aggression, Blood Feast, Dark Angel, Demolition Hammer, Devastation, Exhorder, Hypnosia, Powermad, Razor, Sacred Reich, Sanctuary, Savage Steel, Tankard, Acid Reign.

The lyrics on the band’s albums also often feature a lot of destruction and death. Who is the band’s principal songwriter and where are lyrical influences drawn from?

KAZ: All lyrics are written by Toshi(G). From our point of view the contents of our lyrics should be hate, war, death and something like related to evil stuffs. I know it’s ridiculous but this completely matches to our sound, fast, aggressive and violent. we don’t take lyrics as message spreading to people but as one of factors that builds up atmospheres.

It also seems that nuclear has been a recurring theme in the band’s lyrics, especially on Nuclear Thrashing Attack. Why the interest in nuclear in particular?

KAZ: There’re no special meaning and intention in it but just pick up words that matches to those songs. Maybe at that time we listened Nuclear Assault so heavily haha.

The opening track of the album Infernal Thrashing Holocaust is a spoken track. Would it be possible to enlighten fans of the band and readers about the significance behind the spoken track?

KAZ: That was taken from the movie called “Seventh Gate”, and in the scene they are trying to resurrect evil. we thought this cool and this exactly matched as the album’s opening, something horrible just begins.

In the Far East Necromancers split with Abigail, the band contributed a cover of Agent Steel’s Agents of Steel. Why the decision to cover Agent Steel, and why that particular song?

KAZ: We’re just one of huge fans of them and there was no other choices but this song.

Kaz, I happened to chance upon a video of you playing Drum Mania, proving that drumming in real life is a totally different experience from playing drumming arcade games. However, nowadays it is through these games that more people start getting interested in playing real instruments. What are your views on this?

KAZ: haha. You mean that terrible one. That game must be more fun if I learn structure of songs in game otherwise you just feel like crap. It’s a great situation to get first opportunity to play instruments by any means. In my youth I lived in the country side so there was no chance to try drumming. I practised by hitting books and magazines just imagining myself to be Lars and Lombardo.

Playing music as fast as such, what are the secrets behind being able to keep up with the speed and precision that is needed on Fastkill?

KAZ: What playing Fastkill stuffs requires to me is that regular aerobics to keep up speed and muscles to stay in as loud as possible during the show. So regular workout is totally indispensable for me. This sounds so healthy for the guy playing music like evil, hell and Satan and so on haha.

The band mentioned in August that materials for the new album are 70% done at that time. What is the status of the new materials now? Can fans expect to see it released anytime soon?

KAZ: Sorry about this but we’re just bunch of lazy bastards and don’t prefer in studio for long hours that’s why it has been taking such a long time. Current status is that we finished making all tracks and will be in studio in end of March ( I already booked so it’s for sure). After mixing and pressing it will come out in June, at latest I guess.

Will the music on the new album follow the same style as the previous two albums, or can fans look forward to any surprises from the band?

KAZ: They are nothing but FASTKILL’s stuffs same as so far, speed, aggression and no blast beat and no ballad here. just pure thrashing devastation with total speed. this one also won’t betray our fan coz we know what they expect for us.

Fastkill will be heading towards Bangkok and KL for your first Southeast Asia shows soon. What can fans expect from the shows in SEA?

KAZ: We’re sooo looking forward to playing there since this will be our first show in abroad. Just worrying about heat for drummer, but we play just frenzy thrash metal as usual.

We have come to the end of the interview. Thank you for taking the time off to answer our questions. We wish you and Fastkill all the best in the upcoming SEA tour and album!

KAZ: Thank you for your support and patience. We’re totally looking forward to seeing you on our tour. Hopefully next time should be in Singapore with Xanadoo guys. Next album will be ready soon so please check this too. Stay metal and thrash on!!


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