Interview with Lord Blodox from Ancient Warlord

Ancient Warlord is the very first Filipino band that we interview. Formed back in 2007 and having released their debut EP last year, we manage to catch Lord Blodox, vocalist and guitarist of the band to talk a bit more about the history and experiences of the band.

HMT: Hails Lord Blodox! Thank you for giving us this honour to interview Ancient Warlord. Before we start off the interview, perhaps you could give us a history and background of Ancient Warlord? How did Ancient Warlord come into being?

LB: Hails Heavy Metal Tribune! It was year 2007 when I recorded the first ancient warlord demo “incantation of the horned God” upon the demise of my former band 9th circle prophecy. Ancient Warlord was a solo project until I decided to perform live. It took me a year to finally finding worthy individuals who’s really into black metal.

What is the philosophy behind Ancient Warlord’s music and lyrics?

LB: Ancient Warlord is vast, Ancient Warlord is indefinite, Ancient Warlord has no boundaries in terms of writing music. It can be hatred, violence and never ending war against Christianity or It could be about Satanism.

Lord Blodox

It was stated in the Ancient Warlord Metal-Archives page that the band is formed by past members of other bands such as 9th Circle Prophecy, The Fortress of Thanatos and Legion of Satyr. How did the members come to meet and form the beast that is Ancient Warlord?

Blastima (drummer) and I knew each other since around 2003. Since our former bands did played on same events as well as Warbutcher’s (bassist) band, I gave them a copy of Ancient Warlord demo. With no hesitation they joined Ancient Warlord. From then on Ancient Warlord became a band.

The first EP from Ancient Warlord, Live Incantations, was released last year. How has it been received back in the Philippines?

I don’t know and I don’t fucking care.

The 66 copies of Live Incantation were said to be “blood-numbered”. What was it that made the band decide to go about numbering the albums this way?

It’s our way of literally being one with our craft.

Live Incantation EP, 2009

Live Incantation has a very raw and abrasive production, yet it suits the music and brings out the evilness and hatred in the tunes of Ancient Warlord. What are some of your influences in songwriting and music in general?

Satan, Hatred and War.

From pictures we can see the intensity of Ancient Warlord’s live shows, with stage antics such as fire breathing. What else does Ancient Warlord indulge in during live desecrations?

Performing live is a ritual itself. We just go out, get drunk and play.

With the announcement of the departure of Lexatyr earlier this year, how has it affected the band’s dynamics, since you now have to handle guitars and vocals alone? If it is ok for you, would it be possible to let our readers know about the reasons behind his departure from the band?

I kicked him out. We don’t fucking need him. There’s no room for weakness in Ancient Warlord. His departure made the band more stable.

Being the first Filipino band that we interview, perhaps you could tell us a bit more about the metal scene in Philippines? We know that this year’s Pulp Summer Slam featured thrash metal legends Testament as headliners, but what about the underground scene? Any bands that we should check out?

The metal scene here has became huge for the past few years. A lot of great metal bands emerges, but only few are true to their craft. Great musicians, rotten philosophy. Only few stayed in the underground scene. The underground is where the true metal is. Here are some of the local bands that you and the readers should check out. TENEBRION (Black metal) I also play guitar for this band. CORRUPT INSANITY, ARCHAIC ARGOT, PATHOGEN, PAGANFIRE to name a few.

With Philippines being a mainly Catholic nation, has black metal bands and musicians such as yourself faced difficulties with regards to your music and the performance of your music?

No. They don’t fucking care. They are too busy collecting money from their people. Haha!

We see on the Demonic MySpace page that there will be a split between them and Ancient Warlord soon. Would it be possible to reveal some details about it, and when can fans expect this split to be released?

We are still discussing about the split. Ancient Warlord is currently busy recording an album. So the split with Demonic could materialize after the release

Finally, are there any parting words to our readers out there?

Watch out for the Ancient Warlord full length! FUCK YOU ALL!!! HAIL SATAN!!!

Once again, thank you for giving us this opportunity to interview you, and we hope to hear more new desecrating tunes from Ancient Warlord soon!

Thank you Hong Rui. Keep in touch. I’ll let you know when our album is already out. HAILS!!!

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