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Tauthr features 3 members of German black metal band, Endstille yet present to listeners an experience that is far varied from what Endstille brings to us. Having released their album Life Losing in 2010, we manage to catch MD and talk to him more about Tauthr.

HMT: Greetings MD! Thank you for granting us this opportunity to interview you! Tauthr is the Germanic word for “death”. What was the reason behind the naming of the band?

TAUTHR is settled far north of Germany. The Vikings lived here in ancient times and had a “big” city called Haithabu. This place is in our home country. You’ll find the word TAUTHR at a rune stone in Haithabu. TAUTHR plays Blackened Death/Doom Metal, so… the name fits!

The band split up back in the days after the recording of several demos, but reformed again in 2006. What was it that caused the split and the subsequent reformation?

The band quit due to private reasons in 1998. I started studying in another city, Sator moved to Hamburg. But we all thought that there will be a reunion. In 2006 we started working on new material. We tried some bass players, but none fits perfectly. So we asked Cruor if we wants to join us. He is one of the best Bass players I know so far.

For those who are unable to get hold of Tauthr’s demos from the 1990s, how has the music of Tauthr evolved between then and now? Will there be any plans to re-release these demos?

In the nineties TAUTHR was faster and more melodic. Old Bathory and Darkthrone were our main influences. Nowadays TAUTHR is more groovy, mid-tempo based and melancholic. Hopefully we will release Life-Losing on vinyl. Then we will release the “Dominanz in 997” Demo a bonus for the vinyl version.

Life-Losing is the band’s debut album since the reformation of the band since 2006. How have fans reacted to the album so far? Was it expected on the part of the band?

The reaction is really good so far. We knew that Life-Losing is a really good album. Otherwise we wouldn’t release it. Its good to see the people reacting to this album. They all expected an Endstille clone, but it isn’t.

Tauthr’s music, as described on the band’s websites, is filled with “beauty and insanity, harmony and dissonance”. Who is the main songwriter of the band, and what is the songwriting process of the album Life-Losing like?

The main songwriter is L.Wachtfels. He writes nearly 90% of the music. Sator is responsible for the lyrics. He lives in southern Germany right now, so we a writing the music, rehearse a lot without Sator, but 2 or 3 times a year he comes to Kiel to rehearse with us.

The lyrics on Life-Losing focus on pain and death. Where does the band invoke such desolation from? With most black metal bands traditionally focusing on religious topics, how does Tauthr, with these lyrical concepts fit into the genre?

I don’t think that TAUTHR is a Black-Metal band. We have Black-Metal influences, but I would describe the music as Death-Metal. We saw some people in our environment getting depressed, committed suicide, throw their live away, lost their path… just look around, and you’ll find enough to write lyrics about.

The music on Life-Losing, with its moderately slow pace and emotional guitar lines, is also extremely depressing. What are some of the musical influences when writing the music for the album?

Nowadays we are influenced, in my opinion, by old Katatonia, Voivod and Burzum.

The album artwork of Life-Losing depicts a woman being strapped onto a chair, with her eyes being blacked out. How was the concept of the album art born, and was there any reason for the censoring of the eyes?

Cruor is responsible for the artwork of Life-Losing. We wanted to have an artwork displaying death, ghosts, phantoms… What do you think, why we censored here eyes? Its up to you, to think about the artwork. Its part of the whole concept.

With 3 of the members, including yourself, being from Endstille as well, how do you juggle the time between both bands, seeing that both are currently active bands?

We try to split the rehearsal times. At the moment we are recording a new album for Endstille. So, right now we are rehearsing with TAUTHR some new songs. The Endstille process of songwriting is done, now its time for TAUTHR. We will start songwriting for Endstille again, when the new TAUTHR album is finished.

Related to the previous question, seeing that 3 members are also from Endstille, can Tauthr be considered the other face of Endstille? How have Endstille fans reacted to Tauthr’s music?

TAUTHR was the first band we had. So, I think, Endstille is the other face of TAUTHR, hehe… The Endstille fans are very fascinated by Life-Losing.

Now that the debut album has been released, what are the future plans of Tauthr?

We want to play some live shows and write new songs for a second album. TAUTHR is not a project, it’s a band.

We have come to the end of the interview. Thank you once again, MD for taking the time off to answer our questions!

Thank you for the support!

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