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Nadiwrath spawns from the Nadir and Wrath, both playing in Greek black metal band Dodsferd as well. Unlike Dodsferd, Nadiwrath incorporates punk elements into their brand of black metal, creating a style of black metal that is both grim yet sleek and energetic at the same time. We talk to Nadir to find out more.

HMT: Greetings Nadir! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to interview you! Before we begin the interview proper, would it be possible to tell our readers a brief history of the band?

HAILZ!!! Nadiwrath formed in 2007.The same year was marked by our first release which was a self-tilted demo. After its release and a couple of line-up changes we did a series of live shows and in 2009 we entered the studio to record our first album titled ”NIHILISTIC STENCH” which was released in 2011 throughout Moribund cult records.

The name of the band came about from the fusion of your name and Wrath’s name. Why the fusion of your names instead of coming up with something else? (Of course, this is not to say that the band name doesn’t leave an impact!)

The name itself has not a secret meaning or anything else. When me and Wrath started talking about forming a band we realised that our vision was mutual. Looking a little bit further i would say that it represents our common perception for black metal in both musical and lyrical level. So the matchmaking of our names fitted really well.

All the members of Nadiwrath are also part of Dodsferd. While you and Wrath were the original members, how did the current lineup come about, after the numerous changes in members, especially in the bass department?

As you probably know it’s hard to find truly dedicated people. Luckily in our case things were not that difficult. Maelstrom (drums) and Semjaza (bass) had been friends of ours for a long time and they immediately accepted our proposal for joining in. But what is most important is that they’re loyal to the value of devotion which is something that lacked from all past members. Line-up changes definitely worked thankfully for us

Unlike Dodsferd’s music, Nadiwrath’s music is a perfect fusion of black metal with almost punk-ish vibes. How did the inspiration to fuse these 2 seemingly unrelated music genres together come about?

We are all fans of the punk scene. Bands like Discharge, G.B.H., Minor threat, Fear,Black flag have been really inspiring on us. But the same goes also for Darkthrone, Mayhem, Carpathian forest, Horna, Impaled nazarene etc. We’re listening tons of old and new bands and we’re trying to assimilate the influences each one of us has. Copying sucks!!!

The band released the debut full length album, Nihilistic Stench in January this year. Responses have been rabid and it certainly is one of my personal top picks of the year so far. Was this expected on the part of the band when Nadiwrath first started?

It’s always nice to hear good things about your music .This works as a motive for me personally. But you must know that music and especially black metal is something that has nothing to do with low-life ideals and futile success. And we definitely are not interested in something like this. We personally settle our expectation and this is the will to express our feelings throughout raw and hateful black metal.

Dodsferd and Nadiwrath, while both playing different styles of black metal, have seemingly similar lyrical themes. How different are the writing processes behind Dodsferd’s latest release, Spitting with Hatred, the Insignificance of Life and Nihilistic Stench?

Well, Wrath is the right person to talk about the lyrical stuff. All i can say is that even though the musical part between Nadiwrath and Dodsferd is totally different the lyrical content (hate ,despair ,irony ,death ,disgust, loss, chaos) could be a common element.

The band’s previous release was the self-titled demo in 2007. What was it that caused the 4 year break between before the release of Nihilistic Stench?

I wouldn’t actually call it a break. After releasing the demo we started rehearsing and completing all tracks for our first album which is something that didn’t last for too long. What really sucks is that the recording process lasted much more than we expected because of several technical difficulties that there is no need to discuss about. What’s important for us is that we have our album released throughout a respectable label.

Speaking of the demo, it was released online for free downloads, in addition to the physical copies that were given out. What was it that made the band decide to take this move, much as it was mentioned before that there is no comparison between the original copy and a ‘lifeless download”?

We’re still supporters of the view that there is absolutely no comparison. The demo immediately after its release sold out in both formats (cd-r ,tape) and since there was still demand and no plan from our side for a re-release we decided to give for free download all 3 tracks. We’re thinking of re-releasing it in the near future with some extra cool stuff

Seeing that all members are also active in Dodsferd, how does each of the band members juggle the time between both bands, seeing that both have already released an album each this year?

It’s our choice and I would say that it’s all about good organizing and right assignment of time. Sometimes it’s hard and confusing, when 2 bands share the same members ,as far as the song writing is concerned but we have made ourselves clear that there’ll be no such things during the creating process

Wrath mentioned in an interview that 5 new tracks are being recorded for a split album and 7” EP. When can fans of Nadiwrath find out more about these upcoming releases?

The recording process for these tracks has been completed and right now we’re in the middle of mixing and mastering the stuff. Hopefully in September we’ll unleash a spilt cd and a 7” ep. There’ll be some updates in our my space profile for those who interest. These releases will work as an escort for the second full length abomination.

Finally, are there any last words for the maniacal fans of Nadiwrath out there?

Support true underground and boycott every wannabe black metal leech!!!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, and we wish the band all the best in any upcoming endeavours!

Thanx for supporting our propaganda!!! All the best for you and your webzine!!

Dark Regards

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