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Truth Corroded recently performed in Singapore – their second time to set foot here – in support of their recent album, Worship the Bled. Promising listeners and fans of a darker journey this time, we talk to bassist of the band, Gregory Shaw to learn more about their history and more about their new album.

HMT: Hi Gregory! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to interview you. The band recently embarked on the Worship the Bled tour 2011, in support of the new album. How has it been so far?

The tour has been going great so far. We played Melbourne with The Amenta last week for the first show of the tour – it was a great start – and tommorow we set out for Sydney, followed by Brisbane and the Gold Coast which will complete our Australian dates. We are touring together with an incredible French band called Hypno5e. Check them out – an awesome band.

After Australia Truth Corroded will tour Japan, followed by Thailand and Singapore.

The new album, Worship the Bled, was recently released under Truth Inc. Records. How can fans of the band worldwide get hold of the album? Will Mourningsound Records be distributing the album in Singapore as well?

We will have the album available at the Grindhouse show in Singapore, or you can purchase the album via our website at I will look at arranging distribution with Bret at Mourning Sound following the tour. We have a cool announcement shortly regarding the overseas release of the album – but at this stage it is available only through the band outside of Australia or through Truth Inc Records within Australia

Worship the Bled features renowned drummer Kevin Talley on session drums. How did this collaboration come about, and what was it like working with him?

We approached Kevin folowing the departure of our last drummer just prior to recording. Mark our guitarist and myself always pre produce our albums with drum machine – so the songs were complete. We contacted Kevin and he checked out our previous material and really liked it. Fortunate for us he had a short period of time before recording the new DAATH album and after checking out the new songs wanted to work with us. His style covers such a range of heavy music, but he had the perception of what we were looking for – to us – his contribution was perfect.

This album also sees Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry) producing the album once more, after the previous album Upon the Warlord Crawl. Listening to the album, it seems that he has done an awesome job. What was it that made the band decide to choose him among the many producers to help in the production?

The ‘Warlords’ album was the first time we felt that the band had a recording that was complete – the songs were consolidated – and Jonas completed the album with the correct sound for our style. Like my previous answer regarding Kevin, Jonas knew what it was we were looking for on ‘ Warlords ‘ – he had understanding of what the band were about, where we had come from in terms of influences over time and how to achieve that with his mixing. It worked so well, and he is such a great person to work with in all ways, it was without any further consideration that we approached him yet again for WTB.

The album artwork of Worship the Bled features a zombified military officer, a politician and a priest in a destroyed city in the background, done by Killustrations. What is the significance behind the album artwork, and how did the idea for the artwork come about?

Working with Bjoern at KILLUSTRATIONS involved me providing him with a brief concept of the album title. That was the result – he completely understood the concept and created the ideal depiction. The title concerns a point that has been reached were all political ideologies, religious beliefs and social structures have been bled, but continue to be worshipped, no matter the ongoing cost.

Also, similar to past outputs by the band, Worship the Bled features political lyrics, with a seemingly more morbid overtone this time. What made the band decide to head towards this lyrical direction when writing the lyrics for Worship the Bled?

Each album since ‘Our Enemy Is The Weapon’ has had a message behind the title – it is a part of what is Truth Corroded. Our lyrics reflects of view at the point of time in which the music has been written regarding the state of what we see around us. But the message is more a long term process that proceeds the music and lyrics. It is both in connection with some of the lyrical themes with each album, but also stands apart. The message behind the title of ‘Weapon’ concerned the outcome of the development of nuclear rivalry, but the lyrics concerned more so with Sept 11 and the direction of things to come. ‘Warlords’ message was in response to the military industrial complex, but the lyrics concerned with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and its implications on freedom inside and outside the U.S and its allies.

With WTB – it is darker – but the lyrics this time concern not what is, but what could be. Both me and Mark had read Cormac Mc Carthys ‘ The Road ‘ before the album, and that shaped some of the lyrics. For my part though, there is also lyrics that deal with the self, and that is not something I have written about for some time.

The band has also recently announced a new lineup, with three new members in the upcoming Asian tour. Would it be possible to give a brief introduction to the members?

New members are Luke Peak on drums, Wayne Batters on rythmn guitar, and Chris walden on lead guitar. Wayne and Luke played together in a band called A Red Dawn, and Chris in a band called Closed Casket. Both bands were signed to a record label I run with the singer Jason – Truth Inc Records – so we knew each member well before joining the band. They are great and talented musicians.

As a vocalist (Jason), who are some of your personal influences in terms of your vocal styles and stage presence?

Vocals – Jas is inspired by a range of vocalists – Max Cavalera from the Beneath The Remains to Roots era of Sepultura, Chuck Billy of Testament, Neurosis and many vocalists that are not his style of singing, but that he appresciates for creativity – Patton and Chino for example.

How did the collaboration between the band and Mourningsound Records in terms of distribution and the Singapore date for the Worship the Bled tour come about?

Bret from Mourning Sound has been a great friend to the band – he introduced us to Asia and we have an immense respect and appreciation for him. I contacted Bret to see if we could return to Singapore – it has been a long time coming – we really look foward to it and catching up with some great friends.

This will be the second time the band performs in Singapore, after 2007’s Full Battle Order. How are the crowds in Singapore different from other countries, and what can fans expect this time around?

Asia has many incredible followings for heavy music – each country is different – but there is one thing in common. The respect and way the crowds show appreciation is incredible – and Singapore was our first experience of that. It is a small country with a great metal scene.

Finally, are there any last words for fans out there?

Get along to Grindhouse – slam, bang, surf and thrash – we are there to share the metal and make sure to join us for a beer afterward ! THRASH ! [Ed’s note: interview was conducted before Grindhouse, but due to technical difficulties it has only been received after the gig.)

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