Interview with Vorog from Dagor Dagorath

Dagor Dagorath is the first band out of Israel that we interview. We talk to Vorog, vocalist and guitarist of the band to find out more about what inspires their lyrical themes, and about the state of metal in Israel, often seen by many as a strict religious country.

HMT: Greetings Dagor Dagorath! Thank you for taking the time off to do this interview with us. What is going on with the band now?

Vorog: Thank you and to all your readers. This days we are working on new songs for our second album, that we planning to record this summer.

To those metalheads out there who are not familiar with the band, can you give us a brief history of the band?

Vorog: Ok. We are black metal band from Israel. Our first demo was “Times of Distress” are released in 2005. Our first album titled “Yetzer Ha’Ra” was released about one year ago, and as I already said, now we are working on our second album.

The band released Yetzer Ha’Ra last year and got a deal with Twilight Vertrieb for worldwide distribution. How did that collaboration come about?

Vorog: We just sent some demos to the label, and Twilight was of labels, that was quick to answer… Beside Twilight Yetzer Ha’Ra was released by Russian label More Hate prod. a half year earlier.

How have the metal community received the band’s album so far?

Vorog: We got a lot of review on this album, major part of them were very positive and some of them less. But in general, I think album was received very good.

Looking at the song titles of the album, most listeners out there will relate your music to themes such as Satanism and religions. When writing the music and lyrics, where do you draw the inspiration from?

Vorog: Actually, none of as consider them self as a Satanist. The major theme in our lyrics is not Satanism, but an inner struggle of person with his nature and inner urges. I, as major lyrics writer, draw inspiration everywhere, in book I read, in movies I see, in everyday life and thoughts. As you know, we are living in Israel and there is a lot of inspiring things around, like wars and religious tensions.

What are each of the band members’ views on organized religions? Do you have a personal spiritual belief?

Vorog: I don’t really like organized religions because of their intolerance and one hundred other reasons. The closest thing I can be to believe in god, is concept of a supreme force, that has created our universe occasionally, but I don’t really prey to anyone or thing like that.

What was the writing process like behind this album?

Vorog: The process was quite long. We have worked on Yetzer Ha’Ra about three years or so. The main song writers were i and Getman Azach, together we created the basis for all songs and after that we worked on them on rehearsals. During the record sessions we also made a lot of changes… Each of the persons that took part in this recording are contributed in their own way and help to create Yetzer Ha’Ra like you can hear it today.

We hear a whole range of musical influences ranging from folk to symphonic metal in your music. Who are some of the musicians and bands that have influenced the band’s music?

Vorog: There is a lot of band that have a huge influence on us, I will name just few like Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, Keep of Kalessin, Septic Flesh and many, many others.

The album artwork was done by Seth from Septic Flesh. How did the concept of the artwork come about, and would it be possible to explain more about the artwork?

Vorog: The main theme of artwork was Yetzer Ha’Ra, which is on Hebrew means evil inclination. Seth has expressed his vision of Yetzer Ha’Ra on the front cover, and we are tried to express our in the booklet, as you can see. Each of as is fight his own everyday unseen battle.

Israel is probably recognized as a strict religious country and bands such as Melechesh have been forced to relocate to other countries to continue crafting their art. Have any problems been given to Dagor Dagorath because of the music you play? How does the band deal with such problems?

Vorog: I don’t really know why Melechesh leaved the country, but I don’t think its connected somehow to the religion. Israel in many aspects is very religious country, but we don’t try to get into politics and try to teach other people how to live. We are as a band never had any problems because of music we play.

What is the Israeli metal scene like in recent years? Are there any bands that you would like to recommend to metalheads out there?

Vorog: In my opinion Israeli metal scene did huge progress comparably to ten years ago. Now more and more great bands from Europe and America are coming here. A lot of local band are recording and touring in Europe. Despite a small size of a country we have a huge metal scene with a lot of different genres. I think with came of peace in our region and with the end of “isolation” Israel will straight its position in European metal scene.

As a musician, what are your thoughts on music downloading?

Vorog: I think it is a “necessary evil”, from one side it helps to great number of good bands find their way to listeners, and from another because of it damage to album sells bands have difficulties to earn money from their music. But as bottom line internet did something great to music in generally, it is evolution baby hehe.

Having released an album last year, what are the plans for the band?

Vorog: Plans is as always to conquer the earth haha! We are hope to record new album this summer and to gig as much as we can.

We have come to the final question: any final words to fans and metalheads out there?

Vorog: Thank you for your interest and support! What to wish to everyone good luck in 2011 and fulfillment of your desires, stay metal!! 大家祝你新年快乐

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