Kosmogyr – Eviternity

Kosmogyr is an atmospheric black metal duo that features members from Prague and Shanghai, two countries with cultures that can’t be more different from each other. This leaves one to wonder what they might sound like on their debut full length release, Eviternity. Would the band sound more like the raw style of bands like China’s Skeletal Augury, or lean towards the occult of Czech Republic’s Cult of Fire?

Turns out to be neither, but this doesn’t discount the fact that Kosmogyr‘s Eviternity could still be a potentially, erm, potent release. Instead, Eviternity is a release that sees Kosmogyr indulging in heavy atmospherics, and one that the listener easily finds himself being lost in.

Opener Sui Generis brings about some folk metal leanings, but as soon as the band kicks into high gear with The Wane, the bleakness that the band brings forth with their music quickly reminds one of the works of legends such as DrudkhWinterfylleth, or even Wodensthrone. The trebly, furiously trem-picked riffs reek of freezing coldness, and is complemented by the desperate shrieks. This often leaves the listener with an overwhelming hopelessness, as Kosmogyr easily sucks all semblance of light out with their artform.

The more aggressive moments on the album even bear resemblance to recent releases of the Finnish scene. Tracks like Quiescent for example is not unlike the later works of bands like Sargeist or Behexen, taking a gruffer and more confrontational tone than what one would expect for the more atmospheric bands of the genre. Yet there is that intertwining of softer and acoustic moments that is so reminiscent of the works of UK’s Fen.

The ease with which Kosmogyr fuses the different elements from the various styles of black metal  into Eviternity is probably what sets them apart. The band basks in the negativity that each of the sub-genres provide, resulting in an album that is at once beautiful, yet violent and destructive as hell.

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