MUWW Special: Interview with Meltgsnow

Local gothic/dark metal band Meltgsnow finally breaks their silence this year at the Metal United World Wide, their first local show in a couple of years now. We catch up with Dannie to learn more about the status of the band, and whether we will get to hear any new material from the band soon.

Greetings Dannie, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. It has been quite a while since we last spoke to you. How are things going over at the Meltgsnow camp?

For us meltgsnow, it has been a roller coaster ride especially now, as Zack, Adrian and Fye (who re-joined us since mid-2017) are based in Bangkok, Thailand. For myself, besides traveling back and forth Bangkok for rehearsals, I am busy focusing on my new band in Singapore, of which we have recorded songs that are way different, heavier and harder from what I have done with meltgsnow.

While the band was formed in Singapore, it is now based in Thailand. What was the reason behind the relocation?

It began way back in 2004, when Fye left us (when we were having a great run on touring). He decided to relocate there for greener pasture, Zack followed him in 2009 and so did Adrian, in 2015.

The band’s comeback gig was last year in Bangkok as well. How was the reception of the band there?

It was a “for fun” kind of gig in September, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, mother-nature decided to bring massive flooding and hence, the organisers had to delay the start of the show and we did not manage to have the crowds coming in till very late. However, we had fun performing especially to those who flew in from Singapore, we appreciate their mighty presence and support.

Sharing the stage with us, we had great Thai pioneer bands such as Carnivora and Nerve, we also had Truth Be Known flying in, and they destroyed the place as usual!

Meltgsnow in Bangkok, 2017

With the band having been rather quiet for a couple of years, what was it like to perform on stage again?

Performing on stage, to us, was like unleashing the inner demon in us and the adrenalin rush was definitely unexplainable. It felt great to be on stage with the original members of meltgsnow once again and me, smashing my head with the mic.

There has also been a slight shift in the lineup of the band. Could you give us an introduction to the current lineup, and how it came about?

We have gone through too many line-up changes after Fye left us for Bangkok. Since, all 3 of them are based in Bangkok, they have been rehearsing together in Bangkok since 2015, until late 2016, Zack proposed that meltgsnow resurfaced with Fye re-joining in mid-2017 and I had to put in the effort to travel back and forth for rehearsals.

Currently, we got Zack on guitar, Adrian on drums and back and best at it, is Fye on bass, we are the original line up of 2001.

Meltgsnow 2017

Meltgsnow 2017

The band will finally be gracing the Singaporean stage this year with the upcoming Metal United World Wide gig, and we are certainly looking forward to it. How did Meltgsnow come to be part of the lineup?

We are definitely looking forward to it. Strangely Fye came to hear about this and discovered that Vent Box in Singapore is organising it and frankly, I felt, why not we give it a shot and I checked in with Subash from Truth Be Known if we old farts are able to make an appearance. And we thank Mikael Loh for the opportunity. \m/

What can fans expect from the upcoming show?

Honest intense metal, our heaviest set-list ever, with a cover, paying tribute to the late Jeffrey John Hanneman from Slayer.

The last we heard from Meltgsnow was in the form of the 2010 full length, Black Penance. Can fans of the band expect to hear any new material from the band any time soon? What will be the musical direction for the band’s new material, musically and lyrically?

Interesting that this came up, and yes, we are working on new materials and we are going back to our basic roots of metal. It will be a lot heavier than Black Penance.

Catch Meltgsnow, and many other quality Singaporean bands this May 5 at the inaugural, Singapore edition of the Metal United World Wide. More details at this location.

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