NADER SADEK: Video From Morphing Elite Metal Collective Now Playing

Three years subsequent to the formation of elite metal project, NADER SADEK, and the release of the collective’s debut album, In The Flesh, today the final video from the album has been released.

Following several other extremely layered videos to emerge since the album’s release, in the final video for In The Flesh, the curse of petroleum traps faceless protagonists in a vicious cycle of dismemberment and rebirth, with the song, “Re:Mechanic.” Breaking down body parts and re-appropriating them into engine parts, the infernal Machine accumulates those parts in order to extend and intensify this process. Caught in this loop, the song functions as a ritual that links the divine skies with the underground; an ancient past with the cradle of damnation.

Musically, “Re:Mechanic” was re-recorded with vocals by Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), backing vocals by Mike Hrubovac (Monstrosity, Vile) and Tim Rocheny (Mausoleum), drums by Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), main guitars from Rune Eriksen (Ava Inferi, ex-Mayhem), leads from Orestis Nalmpantis, and bass by Kelly Conlon (Pessimist, ex-Death, Monstrosity). Yet in the ever-morphing fashion of theNADER SADEK entity, the video hosts an altered cast. While Eriksen and Mounier are featured, the rest of the filmed lineup is rounded out with bassist and vocalist Novy Nowak (Condemnation, ex-Vader), as well as SADEK himself not only directing the video but also appearing as the Desert Druid.

Filmed on multiple continents, in both underground NYC locations as well as at the ancient Crystal Altar in Egypt, “Re:Mechanic” is not only a pummeling excursion into avant/extreme metal but also a stunningly cutting-edge and still very organically-delivered visual masterwork.

In a double-header premiere, today fans can see view the “Re:Mechanic” video at Decibel Magazine HERE and Terrorizer HERE.

Nader Sadek

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