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Of all the genres out of Poland, the death metal-infused style of extremity is probably the most well-known. So it was a rather pleasant surprise discovering Over the Voids, whose mastermind has also been involved in other such prominent bands as Mgla and Mord’A’Stigmata. With his self-titled debut full length album, The Fall brings to life his vision of cold, bleak cold metal that harkens back to the 90s.

The moment the first riffs of Battle of Heaven hits, one is treated to the desperate, desolate vision of black metal as the pioneers of the genres intended to. The freezing atmosphere that Over the Voids conjures is immediately reminiscent of the works of legends like Darkthrone on their landmark Transilvanian Hunger or even Gorgoroth with that slight aggressive edge that is incorporated into the music.

Atmospherics play a large role in the music of Over the Voids, and throughout the record one also can’t help drawing comparisons to atmospheric black metal leaders such as Drudkh or Agalloch. This is often aided by that slight folk/viking metal influences that could be spotted on the album, dropping some hints of Bathory influences at the same time. The acoustic, ambient passages on songs like towards the end of Battle of Heaven can also be reminiscent of the works of Fen or the recent Auðn release, pleasing those who like their black metal cold, and heavy at the same time. There’s even a post-rock moment on Never Again will They Hunger, with the haunting clean vocals that would have sat well with the likes of Amesoeurs or early Alcest.

The production on Over the Voids helps to reinforce that frostiness in the record as the trebly riffs sends shivers down the spine of the listener. The drums also play an extremely key role in the overall vibe of the record, with that huge, reverberating tuning for that additional epic, viking-metal sound that is nostalgic of the 90s.

The mission of The Fall with Over the Voids is to bring about the revival of 90s black metal. With his self-titled album, suffice to say he has more than exceeded his objective, creating an excellent album that brings back the bleak vision of the genre, once more restoring that feeling of hopelessness in every encounter with his music.

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