Prehistoric Pigs – Everything is Good

Prehistoric Pigs - Everything is Good

Prehistoric Pigs [Italy]
Everything is Good
Full Length
The Smoking Goat Records
Stoner Metal

I remember the year that I first discovered the blooming stoner/doom metal scene in Italy, with Prehistoric Pigs being one of the first that I listened to before chancing upon their compatriots such as King BongThrone and more. Wormhole Generator left a deep impression on me with the band’s relentless, crushing style of instrumental stoner/doom metal, and when I finally received the band’s follow up, this year’s Everything is Good in my inbox, I was excited and ready for more suffocating stoner instrumental doom.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

It’s been 3 years since their last aural onslaught, and on Everything is GoodPrehistoric Pigs prove that they have not lost any of their touch – far from it. Everything is Good contains some of the band’s heaviest material to date, with the band upping their songwriting game to ensure that the listener and their fans remain captivated throughout the hour or so of the album.

From the opening track Everything is Good I, one already exposed to Prehistoric Pigs is brought back to familiar ground – the smothering atmosphere, the heavy-as-fuck and repetitive riffs and that overall darkness that surrounds the listener. But soon enough one realises that things aren’t quite the same as on Wormhole Generator – it’s hard to pinpoint a particular difference, but suffice to say on Everything is Good the band expands on their sound to incorporate more different sounds for a much more varied and interesting record. The early Black Sabbath influences are clearer than ever, with the doom pace and ominous mood being the clearest indicator of this,

At the same time, the clear stoner influences bear rather heavy similarities to bands such as Sleep or another recent favourite, Olde Growth. Despite the heaviness and repetitiveness that the band engages in throughout the record, there is always that slight groove that helps to keep the listener somewhat sane and enchanted enough to sit through the entirety of the record. Universally Droning, true to its name, sees the band engaging in just one riff for the most part of the track, yet they manage to leave one feeling compelled to continue facing the music, so to speak. Clever usage of effects is also vital on Everything is Good, such as on Red Fields where things suddenly become muffled, leaving one gasping for breath by the end of the track.

The band also displays their growth in their songwriting, with tracks like Hypnodope, one of my personal favourites on the album, presenting a style that is fitting to the title (or is it the other way round?). The recurring riffs leaves one in a state of hypnosis, with psychedelic, trippy sound effects by the band reinforcing the whole experience. On the other hand, there is that slightly speedier track Zug that brings in some resemblances to bands like The Sword, a slight respite from the gloominess and asphyxiation that the band has brought thus far.

If one loved Wormhole Generator, rest assured that Everything is Good is indeed good, and shows a slightly more fun (if there is such a thing as a fun gloomy record) and the versatile side of Prehistoric Pigs.


1. Everything is Good I
2. Universally Droning
3. Red Fields
4. Shut Up It’s Raining Yolks
5. When the Trip Ends
6. Hypnodope
7. Zug
8. Everything is Good II

Favourite picks: Hypnodope, Zug

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