PRIMITIVE MAN: New EP From Blackened Doom Nihilists Streaming In Full

Today, Denver’s favorite blackened doom nihilists PRIMITIVE MAN drop the decaying sounds of their Home Is Where The Hatred Is EP upon innocent masses. Flaunting four malicious slabs of anarchic, feedback-doused audio atrocities, Home Is Where The Hatred Is was tracked at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Catheter, Cobalt, etc.) and is currently available as a special 12″ via Relapse Records.

Cvlt Nation likens the EP to having one’s “chest cavity caved in and stuffed with shit,” further celebrating a, “savage, heretical release,” Heavy Planet concurs: “Buzzing throughout with equal parts callous disregard and deafening feedback, Home Is Where The Hatred Is marks another triumphant blow to our perceptions of the human condition. Ugly truths are never easy to swallow, and here there’s no safe alternative. PRIMITIVE MAN have snatched the torch and thrust it into our gleaming smiles. So what’s it really sound like? I’d imagine slowly dying alone would look, feel, and sound something like this.” Skulls ‘N’ Bones notes, “PRIMITIVE MAN‘s outlook is as bleak as ever, their sound is titanic in size and force, and their tone is depressed. There is little hope found onHome Is Where the Hatred Is, but for many, hope was lost a long, long time ago,” while Exclaim adds, “Unapologetically bleak and permeated by loathing and hostility, Home Is Where The Hatred Is will either leave you wanting more or contemplating teetering off a ledge.”

In commemoration of its release today MetalSucks is streaming Home Is Where The Hatred Is in its wretched entirety elaborating: “PRIMITIVE MAN‘s weapon of choice is more akin to water-boarding: they’re going to drag this shit out as long as possible, they’re going to torture you ever so slowly, and they’re gonna make sure every little drop is even worse than the one before it.”

Hear for yourself at THIS LOCATION.

PRIMITIVE MAN - Home is Where the Hatred is

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