PRIMITIVE MAN: New Track From Blackened Doom Trio Now Streaming

Home Is Where The Hatred Is is the imminent new EP from Denver blackened doom unit,PRIMITIVE MAN. Spewing forth four vicious slabs of nihilistic, feedback-doused audio atrocities,Home Is Where The Hatred Is will was tracked at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Catheter, Cobalt, etc.) and will be unleashed as a special 12″ EP later this month via Relapse Records.

Already reaping critical hails, Heavy Planet boasts in an early review of the offering: “Buzzing throughout with equal parts callous disregard and deafening feedback, Home Is Where The Hatred Is marks another triumphant blow to our perceptions of the human condition. Ugly truths are never easy to swallow, and here there’s no safe alternative. PRIMITIVE MAN have snatched the torch and thrust it into our gleaming smiles. So what’s it really sound like? I’d imagine slowly dying alone would look, feel, and sound something like this.”

In celebration of its release, today Cvlt Nation, who likens Home Is Where The Hatred Is to having one’s “chest cavity caved in and stuffed with shit,” offers up an exclusive premiere of third demoralizer, “Bag Man.” Further championing a, “savage, heretical release,” Cvlt Nation commends, “a four song EP that drags your corpse across a field of broken glass, razor wire and repressed memories over the course of thirty-one terrifying minutes… one is continually abused by their output, with fiendish vocals mocking all that profess to worship a divine being.”

Get your feelings hurt with “Bag Man,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, get further abused with opening track, “Loathe” streaming HERE.

PRIMITIVE MAN - Home is Where the Hatred is

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