Sacri Monti – Sacri Monti

Sacri Monti - Sacri Monti

Sacri Monti [USA]
Sacri Monti
Full Length
Tee Pee Records
Psychedelic/Hard Rock

I’m not sure if it’s me or if there really is an increasing trend of psychedelic, retro rock in recent months. Flipping through the pages of magazines such as Terrorizer, I got introduced to quite a number of these bands that claim to play rock in the old school style. While each of them do indeed sound good, few leave a deep impression on me as San Diego’s Sacri Monti.

Formed back in 2012, and with their self-titled, debut full-length album only released this year in 2015, Sacri Monti could have very well have come out straight from the 60s or 70s. From opening track Staggered in Lies to album closer Sacri MontiSacri Monti is a nice, nostalgic trip back to the early days of rock and roll. The band wastes no time in introducing their style to listeners, and from the opening moments of Staggered in Lies, one is brought back to the days of legendary bands such as Led ZeppelinRainbow and Deep Purple. The guitar lines of Brendan and Dylan often bring to mind the works of such greats as Jimmy Page or Ritchie Blackmore, though as one would soon come to realise that there is more of a psychedelic edge that the band has put in.

Throughout the record, the band doesn’t shy away from making use of synths, organs and various sound effects to increase that psychedelia that one feels through listening to Sacri Monti. At times, one is even reminded of the works of Pink Floyd, with the heavy trippy effects that one is being constantly bombarded with. That slight stoner rock edge that tracks like Glowing Grey has even brings about some slight Spiritual Beggars or, more recently, Orchid comparison.

Keeping true to the image and overall sound of the album, the band has retained a rather raw production on Sacri Monti, and this certainly adds to the charm of the album, giving listeners a complete 60s/70s rock experience.

To date, the only “new” band that has left such an impression on me is Sweden’s Nocturnalia (aka Nocturnal), and for comparison sake, Sacri Monti‘s debut sounds like a rawer, and somewhat jam-my version of Above Below Within, the aforementioned’s recent sophomore full length effort. Certainly an album that would capture the ears and hearts of the old school, psychedelic rock fan.


1. Staggered in Lies
2. Glowing Grey
3. Slipping from the Day
4. Sitting Around in a Restless Dream
5. Ancient Seas and Majesties
6. Sacri Monti

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