Song Review: Children of Bodom – Was It Worth It?

Children of Bodom [Finland]
Was It Worth It?
Melodic Death Metal

The new song by Children of Bodom, Was It Worth It was recently leaked and ripped from a radio show. Now, Children of Bodom were one of the first bands that I listened to back when I started listening to extreme metal, so I have a certain weak spot for them. Despite their progressively disappointing releases, I try to give each of them at least a listen and I have to say, Was It Worth It? is by far the least motivated material that they have put out.

The riffs are cheesy, Alexi Laiho’s vocals are sound unmotivated. Even the guitar and keyboard solos are weak and awkward, putting the talent that both Laiho and Latvala have to shame. And what the fuck was it between the 2:45 and 2:57 mark? Maybe the band was trying to be creative, but no, not like that! The awkward silence at the background during the solos further drag down the song (what is the point of having 2 guitarists when only one is utilised during the solo?).

The number of riffs present on this song are also way too many, further weakening the song structure as it sounds as if the band are unsure and are confused about the direction that they want to head towards. At times it sounds as if they want to go back to their “old school” days yet they spoil the moment by adding random new experimentations to their sound.

Gone are the days of Follow the Reaper and Hate Crew Deathroll. The release of this song makes even Are You Dead Yet? sound like a masterpiece. So… Was it worth it? No, certainly not.

Children of Bodom on the internet:
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