Tag: 2006

Album Review: Krieg – Blue Miasma

Krieg [USA]
Blue Miasma
Full Length
No Colours Records/Forever Plagued Records (reissue)
Black Metal

Never really a fan of American black metal, I have heard the name of Krieg being thrown around quite often by friends who were into the genre, but never really bothered checking them out. …

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Album Review: GxSxD – God Send Death

GxSxD [Japan]
God Send Death
Full Length
Till Your Death Records
Death Metal

My first encounter with GxSxD was at a local show last year, when they were in Singapore performing with fellow Japanese death metal band Defiled. The intense music and the fusion of death and thrash metal …

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Album Review: Miserycore – Get Total Apart

Miserycore [Chile]
Get Total Apart
Black/Thrash Metal

I was initially tricked by the name of the band – Miserycore – to think that it was some form of an emo or -core band, but hey, it’s not my fault right? Merging 2 words that I have come …

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