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Album Review: Do Skonu – Womb of Primeval Darkness

Do Skonu [Ukraine]
Womb of Primeval Darkness
Full Length
Omega Productions/Forever Plagued Records
Black Metal

From the label that changed my mind about USBM with excellent releases by bands such as Nightbringer and Demoncy, Forever Plagued Records introduces Ukraine’s Do Skonu with their debut full length album, Womb of Primeval Darkness.

The introductory Storm from …

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Album Review: TalismanStone – Lovecraftopolis

TalismanStone [Italy]
Full Length
Moonlight Records
Stoner/Doom Metal

Another Italian stoner/doom outfit, TalismanStone is a three-piece band that boasts 2 bassists, a drummer and various other instruments, and it almost feels as though Italian stoner/doom is a competition in seeing who can come up with the weirdest combination …

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Album Review: Badr Vogu – Exitium

Badr Vogu [USA]
Full Length
Memento Mori
Doom/Death Metal/Crust

Badr Vogu‘s debut full length album Exitium is quite an impressive slab of crust/doom metal I have to say, that perfect blend of the rawness of crust, the gloominess of doom metal and that aggression of death metal all …

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Album Review: Promiscuity – Infernal Rock N’ Roll

Promiscuity [Israel]
Infernal Rock N’ Roll
Israhellbanger Records
Black/Thrash Metal

Israeli black/thrash metal! Promiscuity is probably the first ever metal band that I encounter so far out of Israel, and one short year after their formation they release their first material in the form of the 3-track demo, Infernal …

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Album Review: Warclouds – A Disturbing Presence

Warclouds [Brazil]
A Disturbing Presence
Full Length
Death Metal

Over the years Brazilian death metal has come to be known either for its brutality and technicality with bands like Krisiun or their savage and bestial side, with bands like Sepultura and more recently, bands like Hellscourge and Poisonous. Strangely then, Warclouds falls into …

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