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Album Review: Blutvial – Curses Thorns Blood

Blutvial [UK]
Curses Thorns Blood
Full Length
Haintic/Mordgrimm (Reissue)
Black Metal

After the outstanding releases of <code> and more recently, Binah, receiving yet another Aort-related band, Blutvial was definitely a pleasant surprise. It almost feels as though there is no need for rest for this musician. What’s even more surprising is …

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Album Review: Generation Kill – Red, White and Blood

Generation Kill [USA]
Red, White and Blood
Full Length
Season of Mist
Thrash Metal

After my encounter with Exodus‘ Exhibit B: The Human Condition, I fell in love with Rob Dukes’ aggressive shouting vocals, finding him a perfect fit into the band despite numerous fans’ outcries against his works with …

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Album Review: Onicectomy – Drowning for Salvation

Onicectomy [Italy]
Drowning for Salvation
Full Lengtha
Coyote Records
Brutal Death Metal

Italian brutal death metal has excited me a little, what with the excellent releases by bands like Antropofagus and the likes being some of the more punishing yet satisfying stuff of the year so far. While not …

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Album Review: Sylvan Realm – The Lodge of Transcendence

Sylvan Realm [USA]
The Lodge of Transcendence
Full Length
Black Metal

Featuring numerous high profile musicians in the band including bassist Jason of American black/death metal band Aurora Borealis and drummer Evan who has previously played in depressive black metal band Woe and Woods of Ypres, American black metal band …

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Album Review: Deathronation – Exorchrism

Deathronation [Germany]
2011/2012 (Reissue)
Iron Bonehead Productions/Metalhit.com
Death Metal

It took German death metal band Deathronation almost 5 years to follow up their debut demo, A Soil Forsaken… with Exorchrism, and now, a year after its original release, the demo is reissued under Iron Bonehead Productions and Metalhit.com, and includes …

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