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Jan 31 2015

Ozmathoq – More than a Hero

American old school headbangers Ozmathoq return from their hibernation with a remastered and re-edited version of their early release, More than a Hero. The surprisingly good old school thrash anthems contained on this 4-track, 17-minute record came as a shock, throwing the skeptical off-guard.

Jan 15 2015

Album Review: Kratherion – Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes

Kratherion [Chile] Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes 2013 Full Length Exhumed from the Grave Black Metal Coming from the same record label that released material from compatriots Ammit, it is no surprise the style of music that Chile’s Kratherion plays on their sophomore full length album, Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes, with three quarters of the band being formed by members …

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Dec 14 2014

Album Review: Alkira – Red Devil

Alkira [Australia] Red Devil 2013 EP Independent Thrash Metal Thrash revival has hit Australia fast and hard, with all the recent discoveries of thrash gems coming out of the region. With Mason performing their first gig outside of Australia last week, my interest in thrash from Down Under has intensified. And while technically speaking Alkira were here (in Singapore) before Mason on …

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Dec 06 2014

Album Review: Mason – Warhead

Mason [Australia] Warhead 2013 Full Length Independent Thrash Metal Aussie thrashers Mason‘s love for Havok is obvious, with the band’s logo even bearing rather striking resemblance. With the excellent thrash that I have encountered from Australia thus far, from the Metallica-influenced Desecrator to my more recent exposure to faster and more intense bands like Alkira, expectations were rather high …

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Nov 13 2014

Album Review: Desoluna – The Desolate Years

Desoluna [Sweden] The Desolate Years 2013 EP Independent Gothic/Doom Metal Gothic/doom metal has never been something that I really enjoyed, and even with excellent bands such as Draconian, I dreaded that extremely slow pace and that entire gloomy atmosphere presented on the genre. Out of Sweden comes another recent discovery, Desoluna and their debut studio release in the …

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