Tag: 2015

Outre – Ghost Chants

Outre’s debut Ghost Chants has turned quite some heads, and with the blend of the dissonance of Deathspell Omega and the aggression of Marduk, it’s easy to see why this Polish horde has been getting much of the heat lately.

George Kollias – Invictus

While known largely for his work with Nile, George Kollias shows off his versatility as a musician on his debut full length, Invictus. Apart from the relentless battery, Kollias handles all instruments and vocals on Invictus. But can he live up to expectations of his fans on his debut solo album?

Holycide – Toxic Mutation

Instead of the usual brutal death metal style of Dave Rotten’s other projects, Holycide instead presents a sound that leans more towards the speed and recklessness of old school thrash metal, with Toxic Mutation being the band’s brand new EP release. So can Dave Rotten live up to the hype created?

HMT Movie Club: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron

This highly anticipated Avengers Sequel with record-busting production budget is finally here… And movies like these make me feel really luck to be alive to watch it. I’ll admit now, I am not a Marvel or comic book fan, and therefore I know shit about the original story vs. the movie. I”m just here to give my opinion on this movie, based on what I see.

Grumpynators – Wonderland

Grumpynators may have a tongue-in-cheek name, but on Wonderland they prove that they are capable musicians and songwriters, bringing familiar Volbeat and Social Distortion-esque tunes to old school rock ‘n’ roll lovers, with a double-bass included to add that unique touch to their sound.

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