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Album Review: Contaminated – Pestilential Decay

Contaminated [Australia]
Pestilential Decay
Crawling Chaos Productions
Death Metal

From the land that brought to death metal fanatics bands such as Ignivomous, Impious Baptism and the likes spits forth yet another filthy, cavernous death metal act in the form of Contaminated. With only a sole member behind the band, Contaminated this …

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Album Review: Abhorrence – Completely Vulgar

Abhorrence [Finland]
Completely Vulgar
Svart Records
Death Metal

Prior to this, the only other Abhorrence that I know of is Brazil’s death metal squad, after their split with Impiety. Apart from that, there is the little known band out of the same name from Finland as well, releasing only a single demo and EP …

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