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Album Review: Abyssal – Denouement

Abyssal [UK]
2012/2013 (Reissue)
Full Length
Hellthrasher Productions
Black/Death Metal

Black/death metal has often been associated with bands of the Polish veins, with bands such as Behemoth or Infernal War bearing the flag of this sub-genre of black or death metal. But mysterious UK black/death metal band Abyssal

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Views From the Pit: Mass Ritual 2

Mass Ritual 2 is the first proper gig for me in almost 4 months. After a one and a half hour wait outside Blackhole, the ritual finally began. It kicked off with an initiation with incense and chanting, with gig organizer Jaarvis drinking a cup of blood-looking fluid. Thereafter, Abyssal [7]kicked off with their …

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