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Nov 20 2017

Acrimonious – Eleven Dragons

Greek black metallers Acrimonious left us extremely impressed with their 2012 album, Sunyata. 5 years later, they return with their third full length, Eleven Dragons, with a much darker and grimmer direction. How would this fare, and would it be able to retain the attention of Watain fans?

Feb 15 2015

Acherontas – Ma IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification)

Acherontas has always been some kind of mysterious entity to me, and despite their last offering Amenti already being close to 2 years old, it still offers a fresh perspective with each listen. As though Amenti weren’t a sufficiently epic release, Ma IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification) builds on the style that the band has come to be known for, resulting in what is perhaps their most engaging and intriguing release thus far in their career.

Nov 18 2014

Album Review: Ascension – The Dead of the World

Ascension [Germany] The Dead of the World 2014 Full Length World Terror Committee / Season of Mist Black Metal After the thoroughly impressive Dysangelium debut Thánatos Áskēsis, World Terror Committee unleashes yet another impressive black metal release, this time in the form of German black metal horde Ascension‘s sophomore full length album, The Dead of the World. With the band’s 2010 …

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Dec 30 2012

Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 6 (January 2013)

OUT NOW: Issue 6 of Heavy Metal Tribune Zine! Legendary Swedish death metal band Grave graces our cover for this month’s issue, with drummer Ronnie giving us an insight to the band. We also have Evocation and Acrimonious talk to us about their music and recent releases. In our Sounds of the Underground segment, we feature Nepalese brutal, …

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Dec 03 2012

Album Review: Acrimonious – Sunyata

Acrimonious [Greece] Sunyata 2012 Full Length Agonia Records Black Metal 3 years after the release of their debut album Purulence, Greek black metal masters Acrimonious release the follow up entitled Sunyata. The album artwork got me wondering if this were the same Acrimonious that I encountered years back, with the psychedelic-feel that has been evoked being a far cry …

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