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HMT Movie Club: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron

This highly anticipated Avengers Sequel with record-busting production budget is finally here… And movies like these make me feel really luck to be alive to watch it. I’ll admit now, I am not a Marvel or comic book fan, and therefore I know shit about the original story vs. the movie. I”m just here to give my opinion on this movie, based on what I see.

HMT Movie Club: CHAPPiE

This, is the first movie, in a damn long time, which it is actually better than its trailer and miscellaneous promotional attempts.

I was mislead into thinking that this is another iRobot flick, discussing about what it means to be ‘alive’ and ‘aware’, or one of those ‘droids …

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HMT Movie Club: Lone Survivor

Set in the Afghanistan War in 2008, a Navy SEAL team was tasked in the assassination of a Taliban leader. The humanity of SEAL Team 10, along with technical glitches, lead to a grueling battle with Taliban fighters, and Lone Survivor tells of the quest for survival for the sole surviving Team 100 member, …

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HMT Movie Club: CZ12

One would almost know what to expect when going for a Jackie Chan movie – action thriller, adventure mixed with some elements of comedy. Other than the Police Story series, most of Jackie Chan’s movies have been those that see him take a less serious role. Touted as the movie that boasts the most number …

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