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Mid-Year Recap

It’s been helluva year so far, and even though it’s only been half a  year, there have been many good releases, both from genres that I love and from genres that I hardly listen to. As well, there have been quite a number of disappointments. Below we shall list a couple of noteworthy releases over …

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Interview with Anhedonist

Anhedonist’s debut album, Netherwards is a crushing 40 minute masterpiece, and while containing only 4 tracks, the band manages to evoke all emotions ranging from one of destruction to desolation and desperation. We talk to Dan to find out more about the visions that the band see when writing Netherwards.

HMT: Greetings Dan, Anhedonist …

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Album Review: Anhedonist – Netherwards

Anhedonist [USA]
Full Length
Dark Descent Records
Death/Doom Metal

After the highly revered demo release in the form of 2010’s The Drear, death/doom metal band Anhedonist this year finally returns with their debut full length album, Netherwards. While the album contains just four tracks, the entirety of the album spans 40 minutes, with each …

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