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Interview with Anthelion

In June last year, Anthelion finally dropped their sophomore full length album, Obsidian Plume. With the Taiwanese symphonic black metallers’ debut full length being a distant 7 year back, Obsidian Plume was certainly an album that was highly anticipated. After the (honestly) rather disappointing and different 2010 EP, Mañjusaka, the band returned to their roots and original style on Obsidian Plume, showing how the past years have done nothing to dull the edge that they have in their songwriting and playing. Vocalist Code tells us more about the new record.

Album Review: Anthelion – Obsidian Plume

Anthelion [Taiwan]
Obsidian Plume
Full Length
ULoud Music
Melodic Black Metal

Taiwanese black metal band Anthelion‘s debut Bloodshed Rebefallen was one album that I will never forget, getting me into the whole Oriental black metal craze along with ChthoniC. Yet in 2010, their follow up EP Manjusaka turned out rather disappointing, sounding as …

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ANTHELION Release “Obsidian Plume” Video

“Obsidian Plume”, the new video from Taiwanese symphonic black metal metallers, Anthelion, can be seen below.

Album Review: Anthelion – Manjusaka

Anthelion [Taiwan]
Black Metal

Anthelion has a special place in my heart for being one of the first extreme metal bands out of Asia that really caught my attention. Their 2007 album Bloodshed Rebefallen, along with their 2004 EP Bloodstained Anthelion and their contribution to the …

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