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Album Review: Harakiri from the Sky – Aokigahara

Harakiri for the Sky [Austria]
Full Length
Art of Propaganda
Atmospheric Black Metal/Post Rock

In keeping with the recent interest in the black metal and post rock genres, it’s nice to chance upon Austrian band Harakiri for the Sky. While the band is relatively young, being formed only …

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Album Review: Anagnorisis – Beyond All Light

Anagnorisis [USA]
Beyond All Light
Full Length
Atmospheric Black/Death Metal

American atmospheric black metal band Anagnorisis this year returns after more than 5 years with their sophomore full length album, Beyond All Light, and what a release this is!

Opening track Eulerian Path does not seem like much at first, …

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Heavy Metal Tribune #010 (May/June 2013)

OUT NOW: Heavy Metal Tribune #010

This month The Monolith Deathcult tells us more about their history, what inspired them to start playing industrial/progressive death metal, and their new album, Tetragrammaton! We then have Jungle Rot talk to us more about their seventh full length, Terror Regime and their work with Victory Records thus …

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Album Review: Progenie Terrestre Pura – U.M.A.

Progenie Terrestre Pura [Italy]
Full Length
Avantgarde Music
Atmospheric Black Metal

Italy’s Progenie Terrestre Pura‘s promotional demo in 2011 displayed the band’s rather unique form of black metal, with a futuristic atmosphere fused with traditional black metal resulting in sound that instantly sucks the listener in.

Never mind …

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Album Review: Dynfari – Sem Skugginn

Dynfari [Iceland]
Sem Skugginn
Full Length
Code666 Records
Atmospheric Black Metal

Dynfari are a relatively new band from Iceland, formed back in 2010. Yet Sem Skugginn is the band’s second full length album in the same number of years, displaying the hardworking nature of the band members, …

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