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Album Review: The Dead – Ritual Executions

The Dead [Australia]
Ritual Executions
Full Length
Independent/Diabolical Conquest Records (Reissue)
Death/Doom Metal

The Dead released their sophomore album, Ritual Executions in 2009 independently, and was recently reissued in 2010 by Diabolical Conquest Records, an Indian based record label. Having an album that is reissued just 1 …

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Album Review: Through Plagues – From the Depths

Through Plagues [Australia]
From the Depth
Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Australia is the land where great extreme metal bands such as Destroyer 666, Nazxul, Pestilential Shadows and the likes hail from, and my knowledge of Aussie bands are limited to bands of this end of the …

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Album Review: Norse – Hellstorm

Norse [Australia]
Full Length
Black/Death Metal

The number of bands claiming to have Norse mythology influenced lyrics seems to be growing by the day, with perhaps the most prominent band being Amon Amarth, often incorporating Norse mythology and viking themes into their lyrics. It was …

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Interview with Wardaemonic

This week we feature yet another black metal band from Down Under, Wardaemonic. Formed in 2005, they have already released 2 full length albums, playing a brand of black metal that is atmospheric yet abrasive and cold. We had the opportunity to talk to Old (vocals) and Regnator (guitars and keyboards) to learn more about …

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Interview with Goran from Mass Burial

Being one of the bands to look out for from the Australian extreme metal scene, Mass Burial has recently released their debut full length album, Eternal War. We had the privilege to talk to band lyricist/bassist/ideologist, Goran to learn more about the band’s music and ideals.

HMT: Greetings Goran! Thank you for granting …

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