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Album Review: Crowned – Ainulindale

Crowned [Australia]
Black Metal

Crowned hails from Brisbane, Australia and Ainulindale is their first demo release. Along with this promo came a note informing the listener about what to expect, black metal in the veins of Wolves in the Throne Room, Burzum and Emperor. …

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Views from the Pit: Grindhouse II

Grindhouse II reopens this year again, after the successful Grindhouse gig last April. This time, instead of going underground, organiser MourningSound Records decided to go over the top, holding the event at The Arts House chamber, instantly bringing to mind the setting of Exodus‘ music video for Downfall to mind. What better place to …

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Interview with The Dead

With their sophomore album recently receiving re-mastering by Aphotic Mode (Portal) and re-release treatment by India’s Diabolical Conquest Records, The Dead has certainly brought a fresh sound to the saturated death metal scene, with their unique balance between doom metal and death metal. We talk to drummer Chris to learn more about the band…

HMT: …

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Interview with Norse

Norse has created a stir in the metal community with just one full length release and an EP. We manage to catch up with the band to learn more about the makings behind their debut full length, Hellstorm and find out more about the philosophy behind the band’s music.

HMT: Greetings Norse! The …

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Interview with Decaylust from Denouncement Pyre

Yet another band hailing from Down Under, Denouncement Pyre has managed to cause quite a stir with their debut album, being released under Hells Headbangers Records. We talk to Decaylust, mastermind behind the band to learn more about the history of the band

HMT: Infernal hail, Decaylust! Thank you for granting us this opportunity to …

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