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Oct 14

Akercocke – Renaissance in Extremis

Akercocke returns after 10 years of silence, but they have shed their Savile Row image. However, have they lost their musical sharpness along with their previous visual imagery? Fortunately not, as Renaissance in Extremis may just be the surprise comeback of the year.

Jan 22

Album Review: Mourning Mist – Mourning Mist

Italy has become quite the breeding ground of innovative forms of metal, most notably recently with bands like Riti Occulti captivating the essence of ritualism and occultism to create dark, beautiful art. This year sees Forever Plagued Records taking the lead in presenting the haunting and the disturbing with the release of Mourning Mist’s self-titled, debut full length album.

Dec 13

Album Review: Aenaon – Extance

Aenaon [Greece] Extance 2014 Full Length Code666 Records Avant Garde/Black Metal Greek black metal outfit Aenaon left me raving after their debut album Cendres et Sang in 2011, with the unique fusion of black metal and jazz to create a rather unique, though not unheard-of sound. 3 years on, the band releases the follow up in the …

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Jan 02

Album Review: Blutmond – The Revolution is Dead!

Blutmond [Switzerland] The Revolution is Dead! 2012 Full Length Code666 Records Avant Garde/Black Metal Code666 is known for the large numbers of weird and unique bands that are signed under them, though the majority of these bands are admittedly fundamentally play black metal. Switzerland’s Blutmond this year releases their third full length album, entitled The Revolution is …

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Jun 30

Mid-Year Recap

It’s been helluva year so far, and even though it’s only been half a  year, there have been many good releases, both from genres that I love and from genres that I hardly listen to. As well, there have been quite a number of disappointments. Below we shall list a couple of noteworthy releases over …

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