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Album Review: Formloff – Spyhorelandet

Formloff [Norway]
Full Length
Avant-Garde/Black Metal

Norway stands as the land that spawned black metal as we know it today, with the cold and bleak atmosphere being one of trademark sounds that Norwegian black metal bands have crafted. However, over the years many bands have deviated from …

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Album Review: Inquisitor – The Quantum Theory of Id

Inquisitor [Lithuania]
The Quantum Theory of Id
Full Length
Forgotten Path Records
Avant-Garde/Progressive Black Metal

Inquisitor is one of the first metal bands that I encounter out of Lithuania, and 2010 sees the band releasing their debut full length album The Quantum Theory of Id 9 years after their formation, marking …

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Album Review: Darkside of Innocence – Xenogenesis

Darkside of Innocence [Portugal]
Full Length
Infektion Records
Avant-Garde Metal

I personally dislike symphonic black metal, and having a band present itself as symphonic black metal with gothic metal influences combined has left me slightly apprehensive of Darkside of Innocence‘s latest album, Xenogenesis. It also doesn’t help that …

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Album Review: Aenaon – Cendres Et Sang

Aenaon [Greece]
Cendres Et Sang
Full Length
Code666 Records
Black Metal/Experimental

While bands such as Indonesia’s Deadsquad have fused elements of jazz into death metal, at the other end of the spectrum, bands like Sigh have over the years gradually morphed into something totally different and radical …

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Interview with Aenaon

Aenaon has been causing a stir since their formation in 2005, with their ability to fuse unconventional elements such as jazzy sounds into their brand of black metal. Their ability to still sound coherent despite influences from opposite ends of the musical spectrum is obvious on their full length album, Cendres et Sang, possibly one …

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