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Apr 28 2016

Moonsorrow – Jumalten aika

Moonsorrow returns after 5 years with their seventh full length album, Jumalten aika. The band’s brand of epic black/pagan metal proves that the long wait is well worth it, as they put out what is possibly their best work in their careers thus far.

Nov 14 2014

Album Review: Sons of Crom – Riddle of Steel

Sons of Crom [Sweden] Riddle of Steel 2014 Full Length Debemur Morti Productions Heavy/Viking Metal 10 years on, Quorthon‘s legacy lives on in the many black and viking metal bands that have quoted him and his musical projects as an influence, with bands such as Bloodshed Walhalla even outright proclaiming themselves to be a Bathory tribute band. …

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Nov 11 2014

Album Review: Darkenhöld – Castellum

Darkenhöld [France] Castellum 2014 Full Length Those Opposed Records Black Metal Claiming to play “authentic middle age black metal”, French black metal band Darkenhöld this year releases their brand new full length album, Castellum, presenting a style that is vastly different than the what has become the known as the French style of bands like Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega. …

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Oct 26 2014

Album Review: Cult of Fire – Čtvrtá Symfonie Ohně

Cult of Fire [Czech Republic] Čtvrtá Symfonie Ohně 2014 EP Iron Bonehead Productions Black Metal Cult of Fire‘s last album मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान left many fans of black metal extremely captivated, with the band fusing Vedic elements into their songwriting and their lyrical inspirations. It is with even higher expectations that the band this year releases …

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Aug 10 2014

Album Review: Horned Almighty – World of Tombs

Horned Almighty [Denmark] World of Tombs 2014 Full Length Scarlet Records Black Metal With the past 2 albums being rather successful and garnering critical acclaim, one wonders what else Denmark’s Horned Almighty has in place for fans with their new album, World of Tombs. Unlike Contaminating the Divine and Necro Spirituals which were released a mere year apart, fans of the band …

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