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Interview with Bjorn of Illnath

Having gone through numerous line up changes that will most likely cause the breakup of any bands, Illnath has managed to overcome all obstacles and are looking forward to a release soon. Heavy Metal Tribune recently had the privilege to speak to Bjorn, vocalist of the band.

Hi Bjorn! On behalf of Heavy Metal Tribune, …

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Interview with Dei Tetra

Thai black metal band Dei Tetra were recently invited to perform at the Black Revelations gig. Clarence and Cynthia from the Heavy Metal Tribune crew got the extreme opportunity to sit down with the band and have a chat with them. We find out who’s the caffeine addict and what their favourite local dish is…

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Interview with Agamoth from Abgott

UK black metal band Abgott played at the Hammerfest 2010 and recently played at the Deathfest 2010 (that featured bands such as Brujeria, Immolation and Singapore’s very own Wormrot). Clarence recently got the chance to talk to Agamoth, vocalist and guitarist of Abgott.

Hi Agamoth, thank you for taking the time off …

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Views from the Pit: Black Revelations 2010

It’s often difficult to write reviews for gigs where there are bands that are perhaps not up to par with the rest of the lineup, but fortunately this one is going to be easy for me.

Black Revelations 2010 was held yesterday at Home Club, organized by Trippy Factory, a gig organizer for …

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Album Review: Dei Tetra – In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas

Dei Tetra [THAILAND]
In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas
Black metal

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas is Thai black metal band Dei Tetra’s first demo, released in 2009.

The 2 tracks on this demo that clocks at under 6 minutes encompass the basis of …

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