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Album Review: Defiled – Divination

Defiled [Japan]
Full Length
Death Metal

Defiled’s Divination certainly did not click with me instantly. All the weird and sudden shifts in time signature throughout the album, the out of place bass lines that were littered throughout the album all came across as extremely strange to me …

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Unearthing The Metal Underground: The Singapore Scene, Part 2

Read our 2nd article contribution to Metalunderground.com’s column, Unearthing the Metal Underground. This time we talk about three Singaporean death metal bands of varying sub-genres, namely Assault, Vrykolakas and Itnos.

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Note: Hope we did not butcher this one as badly as we did on the first article!

©2010 Heavy Metal …

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Interview with Khairil from Vrykolakas

Singapore brutal death metal band has been around since the early 1990s, yet metalheads in Singapore rarely get to see them perform at gigs. We talk to the mastermind behind Vrykolakas, Khairil, to find out why this is so…

HMT: Hi Khairil, thank you for granting us this interview with you. First off, …

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Interview with Joe from Revilement

Revilement recently played at the Asia Metal Festival in Korea alongside Singapore’s very own Fall of Mirra and melodic black metal band Graveworm. Clarence from Heavy Metal Tribune had the extreme opportunity to talk to Joe Reviled, vocalist of the band, to share his experiences with us.

HMT: Hi Joe, thank you for …

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