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Interview with Origin

Set to perform in Singapore for the very first time on May 4, we talk to technical death metal masters Origin‘s Paul and and John, to find out more about the plans that the band has in place, and what they feel conquering new grounds with their last album, Entity.

Greetings Origin! Thank you for giving …

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Album Review: Cardiac Necropsy – Shayateen

Cardiac Necropsy [Singapore]
Full Length
Technical Death Metal

Singapore’s Cardiac Necropsy has come a long way since their formation in 1991. Despite originally forming as a death metal band, the group reactivated in 2000 with a musical approach that leans towards goregrind, and finally released their …

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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 3 (October 2012)

OUT NOW: The third (October 2012) issue of Heavy Metal Tribune!

This month we talk to legendary Greek symphonic extreme metallers Septicflesh and learn more about the creative process behind their new opus, The Great Mass. We also interview Mexican old school death metallers Zombiefication, New Zealand’s fun and crazy old school heavy metal band Razorwyre and have local …

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Views from the Pit: Grindhouse II

Grindhouse II reopens this year again, after the successful Grindhouse gig last April. This time, instead of going underground, organiser MourningSound Records decided to go over the top, holding the event at The Arts House chamber, instantly bringing to mind the setting of Exodus‘ music video for Downfall to mind. What better place to …

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