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Twingiant – Devil Down

Like all other genres, stoner metal has probably hit its saturation point, and Twingiant joins the growing list of bands putting out weed and psychedelia-inspired releases. Yet on Devil Down, the band manages to keep some surprises in store for listeners, and is one hell of an enjoyable release.

Album Review: Broozer – 12.04.12

Broozer [Australia]
Full Length
Grindhead Records
Sludge Metal

I half-expected an amateur-sounding brutal death metal band when looking at the gory, gruesome artwork on Broozer‘s debut full lenth, 12.04.12. But this Australian outfit’s musical style can’t be further from this initial expectation of mine.

Instead, Broozer‘s 12.04.12 is 34 minutes of …

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Album Review: Bro Jovi – Songs to Crush Beers to Vol. 1

Bro Jovi [USA]
Songs to Crush Beers to Vol. 1: Slippery When Blacked
Full Length
Stoner/Doom Metal/Southern Rock

I almost thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I first received an email containing information about Bro Jovi, thinking that it was probably some kind of typo …

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